When Everything Changes

This story is about a girl who lost her father in a car crash. She, her stepbrother, her stepfather and Her mother moved to Australia. She has an abusive stepfather.
She has pannic attacks, social anxiety, Borderline, depression and she does self harm.
What will happen when her mother dies? Is she really dead or....?
Everything changes when she's in Australia.
Read this to know what is going to happen!

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65. Louis didn't like

Alicia's P.O.V

Th guys saw my whole body now, full of bruises. But what will Louis think and say about these marks on my body...? We walked downstairs and Louis hugged me...really tight. I let go an AHH because my back hurted from Calumd nails in my back yesterday night

"What's wrong?" He asked

"Oh nothing" I said smiling

"They had a wild night" Michael laughed and the others did to but me and Calum were blushing and Calum pushed Michael

"Huh?" He asked

"Nothing" me and Calum said

"Hahahah oh yes there is something" Ashton giggled. Luke walked upstairs.

"Show your body" Michael laughed

"GUYSSSS" me and Calum both said

"What???" Louis asked

"Alicia what did Calum do to you!?! Let me see NOW!" He yelled at le pulling my arm so I was following him. He went to the kitchen and pinned me up against a wall.

"Alicia what?!! Let me see!" He yelled. I let him see my blue wrists...

"WHAT THA FACK!!!! CALUM DID THIS?!!!" He yelled and let go of me. I nodded and saw how angry he was

"Louis don't be so angry..."


"They like it rough" Michael laughed

"Let him see your back" Ashton laughed and I did

"Fuck this Alicia! Are you fucking kidding me?! You're blue and red all over you body???" Louis said with a sad face

"Louis don't be angry please" I said hugging him

"I'm not but... Oh my godsh Ali..." He said hugging me.

"So wanna go to Nando's????" Ashton said breaking me and Louis away from the hug and we nodded.

"Calum you come?" I asked

"Nahh I wanna stay here, you can go ud you want to" he said smiling and I smiled back. We walked out of the house.

"UP TO NANDOOOOOO'SS!!" Michael yelled and did something like superman

"Keep it down a bit Mikey" Luke said jumping in Michael's back. Louis walked next to me and he laid his arm aroun my shoulders.

"Do you.. Really..?" He asked and I nodded

"O-okay then... Euh I din't want that he hurt you...Ali..." He said looking down to the ground

"He didn't Lou.." I said

"Sorry that I react so---"

"It's okay Louis" I said hugging him from beside, it's really difficult, how can people in movies hug and walk so good? I let ge of the hug but he still had his arm around my shoulder. We walked in and people ran up to us.

"Is it really she?" A girls asked looking at me

"Yeah it is she, the whore" a second girl said

"Oh my Gosh you are such a bitch"

"Yeah, first Luke that Calum and now Louis?"

"Who's the next?" Another girl laughed

My eyes got watering and the guys start to talk with them but they didn't listen


"First of all, Alicia is my half sister so shut the fuck up! She is still with Calum" Louis said and he let go of me now.

"Yeah and maybe she is just cheating on him wirh another boy!" A girl shouted

"If you guys are real fans you would be happy for us to have a great friend but maybe you aren't real fans, you are just so jealous!" Ashton said

"We are real fans!!" The girls shouted

"If you were 'real' fans, I think you had some more respect for us AND for her!" Michael said

"Lets get out of this" Louis said pulling on my arm and then we all got back outside. I didn't say anything the whole way home. I had tears in my eyes and one escaped when a group of girls walked up to us and 2 of them walked straight to me.

"Safe it" Michael said pulling my arm so They couldn't say anything

"But we just wanted a picture with her..." They said looking down and sad

"Oh sorry!" Michael shouted

"We had some bitches after us in Nando's and they weren't really friendly for Alicia sorry girls" Michael said and they smiled

"Hey, is that why you are crying?" One of them said and I nodded. The both of them pulled me into a hug and they told me that it will be okay.

"I'll beat their asses up" one said and I laughed

"Get your tears away, we want a picture with you" they said smiling and I did. We took some pictures together and then they left. We ended up at our home and we saw a car. We entered the home and we heard Calum and a girl saying things like ohh fuck, shit, argg. Were they.... I got tears again in my eyes afraid of Calum cheating on me. We opened the door and we saw a girl in between Calums legs sitting and they're playing GTAV.

"CALUM?!!!" Luke shouted as Calum pulled the girl away. He looked at me and so did the girl.

"So that's your whore? Didn't knew that. Gosh she's so ugly" the girl said and I just walked outside crying.

Calum's P.O.V

"What's going on?????" Louis asked

"Did you guys---?" Ashton asked but Jenny, the girl said: "yeah almost but you guys came in" she said smiling and kissing my neck. I pulled her away and ran after Alicia. I can't loose her....I just was having fun with my best friend I didn't ment to hurt Alicia...

"Alicia? Where are you?" I asked walking around the house but I didn't find her.

"Ali? Please where are you!!!?" I shouted and started running down the street. I've got tears running down my cheeks, Alicia is everything for me and I that slut inside has a boyfriend. We're just close friends nothing else but were's Alicia I can't find her... I'm going to call the guys, they need to search too. I call too Ashton

"WHAT YOU WANT?!!!!?" He yelled

"Calm down bro, It was nothing really I swear on my fucking sister!!!" I yelled back

"Ok then it really was nothing but where's Alicia? You found her?" He asked

"No I didn't that's why I called you, help me searching I can't fucking find her Ash, I can't loose her" I said crying harder and I sat down on the road on my knees

"We'll find her, keep calm and stay searching. Where are you? We're gonna search her okay"

"Down the street and then to the left, there am I" I said crying and hung up. I stood up walking further and then I heard Louis screaming my name. He ran towards me and we started searching.

"I swear Louis believe me it was nothing I swear in my sister" I said crying

"I know that girl explained that she has a boyfriend and that you guys are just friends and nothing happened and I know that if you swear on your sister it really was nothing so head up I'll try to call Alicia, did you call her before?" He said

"Yeah I called her 22 times but voicemail"

Louis tried to call and also Voicemail.

"It's getting dark, we need to find her" I said breaking down in tears.

"C'mon we'll find her. Stay strong Calum" he said and he gave me a hug

"Where can she be? We searched all the streets here..."

"Maybe the forest.." Louis said

"It's almost dark Louis, it's really dangerous in there. If we go to the forest we need to call the guys so they are coming with us"

"Yeah I know but one of them need to stay at home for as Alicia is coming back" Louis said and I nodded. I called the guys to tell them and Michael is staying at home. Louis called Niall, Liam, Harry and Zayn to ask if she was with them but she wasn't. They started searching also in their city.

"We're here guys!" Michael shouted and we walkin in the forest. We all shouted her name but no answer...

Alicia's P.O.V

I heard my name so I started running trough the forest, I have no idea where I'm going.

"Alicia please" I heard Calum saying crying but I didn't care anymore. I just want to be alone. I took my purse and got my blade out of it. I always have it with me.... I was walking away from their voices and I cut my wrists. I saw somebody moving and when I turned around, nobody was there. I tought I heard something and again when I turned around nothing was there. I am getting afraid now 'cause it's dark.... I saw something moving and I turned again and nothing. I started breathing heavy and started running away. I drop my blade and my scarf fell to the ground. I didn't took the time for getting it 'cause again I saw something moving.

"Alicia where are you?"

"Are you here?"

"Please Alicia"

"Answer if you're here"




I ran towards a tree and sat down because I got tired from the running and seeing things that weren't there. I laid my head down and closed my eyes. I was to tired to ran or walk away from the voices I heard.

Calum's P.O.V

"Guys this is from Alicia!!" I heard Louis screaming. I turned around and saw him sitting on his knees with a scarf in his hands

"Are you sure?" Luke asked

"Yes I am!"

"ALICIA PLEASE WHERE ARE YOU??" I shouted running trough the forest.

"Ali please" I begged and broke down.

Alicia's P.O.V

I rested for 5 minutes and ran away again. I ended up in a street, it's the street where the guys live. I walked to the house and I only saw one car, it's Michael's car. I knocked on the door and Michael opened it.

"ALICIA FUCK YOU'RE FINALLY HOME!" He yelled hugging me tight. I was shaking from the cold and he gave me a blancket. I sat down at the fire next to the Christmas tree and he sat beside me hugging me.

"I'm gonna call the guys"

"N-no don't call Calum please.."

"I need to, he'll explain everything." Michael said and called the guys.

"He loves you Ali really, he sweares on his sister that nothing happened and we both know when he does that , really nothing happened or was going to happen" Michael said hugging me again. The door swung open and Calum ran inside crying his eyes out.

"ALICIA please forgive me!!!! I'm so sorry! Nothing happened I swear it on my sister really believe me! I would never wanna hurt you or cheat on you Alicia please believe me" he said crying and he ran to me hugging me. I pulled of the blancked and hugged him back.

"I'm sorry" I whispered

"Don't be, I need to be sorry not you" he said and the others came hugging me too.

"We found your scarf in the forest... Where you there?" Louis asked hugging me now and I nodded

"Why where you there?" He asked

"It's so dangerous in there" Michael said

"Sorry" I said again

"Don't be" They all said again

"Are you okay?" Luke asked hugging me tight and I nodded

"Don't leave me" Calum said sitting on his knees infront of me

"I won't" I whispered and he hugged me tight again.

"Why didn't you answer your phone?" Luke asked

"Because I didn't brought it with me, it's still in Louis' and mine house" I explained

"I have an idea, we are going to let this all behind us and we are going to call the pizza man!" Michael said jumping as we all laughed and nodded. We called the pizza man and we ate our pizza around the Christmas tree. When we finished we cuddled all together on the counch and fell asleep.

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