When Everything Changes

This story is about a girl who lost her father in a car crash. She, her stepbrother, her stepfather and Her mother moved to Australia. She has an abusive stepfather.
She has pannic attacks, social anxiety, Borderline, depression and she does self harm.
What will happen when her mother dies? Is she really dead or....?
Everything changes when she's in Australia.
Read this to know what is going to happen!

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71. Laura's in Australia

Laura's P.O.V

I woke up around 6 in the morning. I brushed my teeth and got into confy clothes. I put my hair into a messy pony taile. I did some concealer on my pimples to cover them up a bit and some mascara. Me and Alicia had a relationship a couple years ago but I still like her more then just a friend, I'm really happy to see her again. It's stupid that she has a boyfriend 'cause else I wouldn't mind to take a chance with her again. I walked downstairs and eat some breakfast. My mom and dad drove me to the airport and we said goodbye. It was 20 minutes before my plane leaves so I texted Alicia that I was at the airport waiting for leaving.

I got into the plane and searched my seat. I sat down and pulled my music in. It's going to be a longggggggg plane ride. A guy came and sit next to me. He was staring at me.

"Hey, you look good" he said and I smiled

"How old are you?" He asked

"I just turned 20" I said

"Good me too" he said and laid his hand on my leg.

"Sorry I'm into girls" I said smirking and pushed hus hand away. He looked a bit sad but I didn't really care, respect for girls maybe? He laid his hand again on my leg.

"Respect please" I said and pushed his hand away again.

I sat next to the window and I was looking outside. We where really high, wow, this is the first time for me, I'm afraid of hights but I didn't care. I'm going to see Alicia again, that's the thing that counts. I fell asleep with my music still playing.

"Good evening passengers, please take on your seatbelts we're landing in 2 minutes" a stewardess said into the microphone. It was dark outside. We're almost in Australia, how niceee!!! I'm so fucking excitedddd!! We landed and got off of the plane. I texted Alicia to tell that I arrived and that I only needed to take my bags and check out. She texted back that she'll be there in 5 minutes. I got my bags and then I saw Alicia walking towards me. She was wearing a jogging pants, a white t-shirt with a black jacket, she has a beanie on her head and she was wearing grey all-stars. When our eyes met each other me both started running and hugged.

"I missed you!"

"I missed you as hell in Belgium!!"

We let go of the hug and she took one of my bags and we walked out of the really big airport. We walked to her car and sat the bags in it. Alicia started driving and we where talking with Sleeping With Sirenes on the background playing.

"I'm so happy that you're here!"

"So am I!" I answered and we went into a street.

"We're almost with the guys" she said



"Ahhhh yesss I know whi you mean sorry!!" I said. She drived into her driveway and we got out of the car.

"Are we here?" I asked and she nodded. We got out of the car and she helped me with my bags again.

"Shit, I forgot to take the keys with me" she said and rang the doorbell. I kissed her cheek and we both blushed as she kissed mine also. Still the door didn't open and Alicia rang the doorbell again while knocking on the door. Michael Clifford opened the door. OH MY GOSH SHE REALLY LIVES WITH THEM!!!

"Hey, you must be Laura, right?" He said hugging me and I nodded shyly. We walked inside and everybody welcomed me. Louis Tomlinson is here, Alicia is really his stepsister OH MY GOSH!!!

"How was the plane ride?" Ali asked me

"Good I guess but long" I said smiling

"Ali, can we talk please?" I whispered in her ear and she nodded

"We're upstairs guys" she said and we walked upstairs, I guess to her room

"So tell me, what you wanna talk about?" She asked sitting on the bed and so did I

"Dunno, just about everything" I said and we both smiled

"How is Lorenzo doing?" She asked, it's her guy-best friend.

"Good, he really misses you"

"Is he still that bad ass?"

"Yeahh he is, he will never change" I said as we bith laughed

"Hey hey heyyy!! In the plane a guy came sitting next to me, I think he liked me and he laid his hand a couple times on my leg, I really hate that! I told him I don't fall inlove with boys but he still did it again---"

"Who the fuck was that?! No respect!" Ali said interupting me

"I don't know. I told him to stop and I said also that he hadn't respect and then he stopped" I said smiling

"Whahahahaha what a guy!! He hoped a bit" Alicia said making us both laugh.

"I go get us some Wodka, I'll be back in a couple of minutes" Alicia said.

Alicia's P.O.V

I'm so happy that she finally arrived. I walked down the stairs to get some Wodka.

"Ali what u doinkk?" Louis asked

"Taking some Wodka, guys wanna come and talk with us?" I asked and they followed me upstairs.

Laura sat still on the bed and looking on her phone.

"Hey Baeee!!" I shouted and she almost dropped her phone me and the guys where laughing but Laura tried to look angry at me, she failed. Michael gave us Wodka and Laura and me where looking to each other. We nodded and we both took a shot.

"Woooohaaahhh" the guys yelled.

"Tell us something about you" Luke asked Laura

"Wellll, I just turned 20, I listen to the same bands as Ali, I sat in the same school as her---"

"Are you a lesbia----"

"Michael!" I yelled

"Yes I am" Laura said almost whispering while looking down to the floor

"Did you and Alicia had a relationship?" Ashton asked

"Yeah we had" Laura said blushing

"Awwww cuties!" Michael said hugging Laura and me

I took the bottle of Wodka and gave me and Laura a now full glass of Wodka. We nodded and took a shot again. Louis handed me the bottle again and we both had a shot again and so did the guys. We're sitting now on the floor. I sit between Louis' legs. We all took a shot again.

"Date game?" Luke asked smirking and we all nodded

"I'll start" Michael said as Laura took a shot

"I dare Laura and Alicia to kiss on the mouth" Michael said smirking as Laura and me where looking at each other and we blushed

"If you make out with Luke" I said and they nodded

"Alicia---" Calum said

"No let them do it" Ashton said

"Kiss kiss kiss kiss" they said.

Laura grabbed my head and kissed my mouth. I laid one hand on her leg and the other found it's way to her neck. She opened her mouth and lick my bottom lip for enterance. I opened my mouth and pur tongues where playing with each other. She got dominant.

"Ali okay we know you guys dared but stop please" Calum sais pulling me away from Laura

"Don't leave me please" Calum whispered pulling me into a hug

"I won't" I whispered back and kissed his neck as we let go of the hug.

"Now you guys" I said pointing at Luke and Michael

"Yeah we did too" Laura said. Michael and Luke kissed only

"Isn't that enoguh?" Michael asked

"Nope we made out so you guys too" Laura said


"C'mon just do it" Louis said pulling me into his lap and I drank another glass of Wodka.

Luke grabbed Michael's face and they make out.

"Well, I rather a kiss between 2 girls, kissing with a boy is so weird" Michael said

"Girls have just soft lips" Laura said and we all laughed

"Yeahh maybe that's true" Calum said kissing me.

"Ali" Louis whispered in my ear and I nodded

"We need to go to our parents"

"But not today" I said laughing and he hugged me from behind. We all took a shot of our Wodka again. Louis stood up and took a pillow and a blancket. He sat me back between his legs and Laura and Calum sat close next to me. We laid the blancket over us and also Ashton, Luke and Michael took a blanket and a pillow. We sat in a cirkle and then laid down. We all fell asleep soon.

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