When Everything Changes

This story is about a girl who lost her father in a car crash. She, her stepbrother, her stepfather and Her mother moved to Australia. She has an abusive stepfather.
She has pannic attacks, social anxiety, Borderline, depression and she does self harm.
What will happen when her mother dies? Is she really dead or....?
Everything changes when she's in Australia.
Read this to know what is going to happen!

•Stay active people! Let me know what you think in the comments! If you maybe have ideas, tell me and maybe I'll put some of them in my story!•


56. Head ache

Alicia's P.O.V

I woke up next to Louis around 1 o'clock afternoon. We both had our clothes on. 'Fieuw' I tought. I have a huge head ache, I think it's because of the wodka. I started to get dizzy and my nose started to bleed. 'My pills. Where are they? Where are my pills?' I asked to myself and Louis woke up too. I start to search in my bag and night case. I didn't found them.

"Fuck" I said as I almost fell to the ground and Louis walked up to me. My body started to shake a little and the only word I said to Louis was "pills" then everything went black

I woke up in a place with white walls. Hospital again? I tought. Harry, Calum, Luke, Michael, Ashton and Louis sat at my sides. Calum held my left hand in his.

"Giod you're awake" the doctor I almost saw everyday the pas weeks, said and I only smiled softly.

"Did you drank any of alcohol?" He asked and I nodded my head

"Hmm.... Did you take your pills when you felt it coming?"

"I was looking for them but I fell down and when I woke up I was in here" I said and cought a bit

"You're lucky Miss Tomlinson! The most dangerous thing in the world is giving you pills to stop or slow down the epilepsy when you drank alcohol even when it's a night left! You pass out for almost 3 hours because of the epilepsy attack. Don't forget to look how much you drink from alcohol 'cause you would be dead if you were 2 minutes later in here." The doctor said as my hands where shaking.

"Is that normal doctor???" Louis asked pouting on my hands

"In the most times it's because of the alcohol so yes it is normal" the doctor said as he was looking to my hands and then he left.

"Are you okay?" Ashton asked and I nodded my head

"Why did you drank alcohol?" Calum asked

"We couldn't get to sleep so we decided to drank Wodka and we talked almost the whole night" Louis said

"Did you....did you guys euh...you know did someth-----" Calum said looking down and I interrupted him

"Calum NO don't you dare to say that! We didn't!" I said almost yelling

"Shhh calm down" Michael said as he held his hand at my mouth so I would shout.

"Okay" Calum said and hugged me.

"You can go home" the doctor said walking in

We arrived at mine and Louis' house and the guys came in. Harry hugged me goodbye and left.

I walked to the kitchen and took a cigarette put of my packet. The guys don't know only Louis does. They also didn't knew about some of my piercings and tattoos until they saw me...almost naked.. I have lip piercing like Luke but then at the two sides of my mouth but I don't always put them both in, I have normal ear ringa but on one side I have 3 others also and on my other ear I only have one other, I have a belly piercing and 2 on each side of my hips and they were on my hipbones. I also have tattoo's like I said. 2 on my wrist: one is from the date that my father dies and the other is a dream catcher, and I have a cross on my hand, 12 little stars on my ring finger so I never put a ring on. I also have one on my back on the left side it's a tree with birds and they fly away. I have also almost a sleeve but it's only from my shoulder till my elbow-->this is the only one with some collors. So these are my piercings and tattoo's.

I was smoking and then Louis came up.

"Ali why are you smoking" he whispered as I jumped up

"Shhhh don't speak about it" I whispered back and pull put my sigarette. Just on time because Calum walked in also.

"Hey babe,,, oh hey Louis" he smiled and hugged me. I have such a huge head ache pffff.

"Around 8 we need to leave" he said and I nodded and said okay.

"Why?" Louis asked

"Because ahe comes with me to a box championship" Calum smiled

"No Alicia I don't want you to go, Calum don't tell me that you fight too in a ring" Louis said

"Louis" I snapped at him and Calum nodded

"Alicia I don't want you to date a guy who loves fighting with everybody!" Louis yelled at me as he push me away from Calum

"Louis don't do that!" I yelled back

"Don't fucking tell me what to do!!!" He yelled getting angry

"Stop it Louis!! I'm fucking old enough to chose who I'm dating and what I'm doing!!!!" I yelled and Louis took my wrist in his hand and hebwas really strong and it hurted.

"AAAWHH LOUIS!!" I yelled and said that Calum needed to go back to the guys because I wanted to talk with Louis alone so he left the kitchen.

WHAT IS YOUR FUCKING PROBLEM LOUIS!!!! YOU'RE FUCKING HURTING ME!!!" I yelled and his grip got harder and stronger

"You. Are. Not. Going. To. That. FUCKING. Box championship!" He yelled as he got angrier

"Don't tell me what I can and can't!! I'm not going to listen anyway Louis you're my stepbrother and not my fucking dad!!!!" I yelled and he slap my face

"Wanna play it like that?!" He said angry and slap my face again and I fell to the ground with my head in my hands.

"I hate you" I whispered and cried really hard

"Alicia oh my God I'm so sorry I didn't ment to do that I'm so sorry!!" He said and kneeled down but I tried to get more backwards but I hit the wall a bit.

"N-no Ali please don't be mad, I-I-I really didn't mean to do that. Don't be afraid from me please" he said and took my hands in his

"Sorry" was all I said and he hugged me but I was afraid that he would hit me again

"No no I'm sorry I really didn't ment to do that sorry don't be afraid from me please" he cried and he broke down too, I know he would never hurt a fly and I took his head in my arms and the I hugged him. We both sat on the floor crying. Luke looked up and started to talk.

"Please forgive me....I----I r-really didn't w-want that t-t-to do sorry I-I'm so fucking s-sorry" he said between sobs

"Louis it's okay" I said and stopped crying I stood up and I pulled Louis with me

"S-sorry Ali-Alicia I-I'm so s-sor----" he said still crying and in between sobs. I interupted him by kissing his mouth so he would shut up

"Thanks for shutting your mouth" I said laughing and so did he.

"Louis if you really want me to not go to that championship I won't but I'm not going to break up with him" I said cupping his face in my hands.

Calums P.O.V

I walked back to the kitchen and I heard Alicia say something to a crying Louis.

"Louis if you don't want me to go to that championship I won't but I'm not going to break up with him" she said as she cupped his face in her hands.


"Louis stop saying sorry I'm okay and stop crying before I start again" She said smiling

Huh?!? She's okay huh??? Did he....no he would never....hit her.... I looked over at her and her cheek was red. I started to get angry and walked in

"DID YOU FUCKING HURT HER????" I yelled at him

"No he didn't Cal" she said but he broke down to the ground crying in his hands.

"Louis" she said and kneeled down infront of him

"S-sorry" Louis said again and she pushed her to him and rocked him back and forth.

"For what sorry??? Why do you say that all the time? You have hit her huh?!?!" I yelled again at Louis and then Ashton, Luke and Michael came and asked whats wrong but we didn't answer

"No Calum he didn't hit me" Alicia said

"Why is he saying sorry all the time then!!!???" I asked

"Because I did h----" Louis wanted to say but Alicia interupted him

"Because of yelling at me" she said

"Explaining please??" Luke asked and Alicia explained. I think she just want to protect Louis, he did hit her I'm sure. Alicia walked to the garden and I followed she sat down on a bench. Was she smoking????

"Alicia" I said as she jumped up and let her cigarette fall

"I didn't... I didn't know that you smoke" I said

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Sorry for not telling you" she said

"It's okay babe but did Louis hit you and be honest" I asked

"Look Calum he just don't want me to go to that club where you will fight in a boxring. He isn't up for things like that b---because his best friend died in the ring infront of him.."

"S-sorry I didn't knew that.... What happened?"

"The other hit his best friend really hard and then he passed out and died" she explained looking down. I walked up to her hugging and kissing her. I then walked inside to Louis and hugged him and said sorry for the yelling and that I wouldn't take Alicia with me if she doesn't want.

"Ali, do you wanna go?" Louis asked scared and she looked down and nodded

"B-but if you d-don't want me to go I won't" she said looking in the eyes of Louis

"Go" he said and she ran up to him, jumped on him and kissed his whole face.

"Wollahh back of Ali, don't forget you're mine and that I'm standing here" I laughed and she got of and said thank you.

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