When Everything Changes

This story is about a girl who lost her father in a car crash. She, her stepbrother, her stepfather and Her mother moved to Australia. She has an abusive stepfather.
She has pannic attacks, social anxiety, Borderline, depression and she does self harm.
What will happen when her mother dies? Is she really dead or....?
Everything changes when she's in Australia.
Read this to know what is going to happen!

•Stay active people! Let me know what you think in the comments! If you maybe have ideas, tell me and maybe I'll put some of them in my story!•


52. Getting out of the hospital

Alicia's P.O.V

A doctor came in with a plate of food and my pills. He stood there looking until I took the pills.

"Had a good night?" He asked and I nodded

"We will come and take again your blood and if it's good you can go home" he smiled and winked at me. He was 20 or something, but still younger then me. He was looking at the plate and so did I. He really gave me his phone number???? Okay really my life is a mess and fucked up and complicated but this was really the last thing that I could think about in a hospital. I only smiled at him. I stood up and he came closer to me. He laid his hand on my hips:

"Text me" he whispered and kissed my neck

"D-don't do t-that p-p-please" I stuttered

"I know you want this babe come with me" he said between kisses in my neck

"N-no stop p-please" I begged but he just took me into my little bathroom in my hospital room.

"Stop it?" I shouted

"Shhh" he said and he set his finger on my lips. He isn't ugly at all but really???? I love my boyfriend and we're in a fucking hospital!!! What the heck is wrong with these boys from now??

Stop it now really!!!" I shouted and he kissed my neck (again) softly. I moaned but pushed him away. He lifted up my hospital shirt and kissed my belly, above my piercing. He held my arms and I lifted my knee up and hit his chin. Another doctor came in and took that creep away.

"Are you fucking serious???? She is a patient and you want to just fuck-and-dump her??? Are you crazy??? I think they need to fire you!" The other said and then he came up to me but I walked backwards.

"Don't be affraid. I would never do that. Come here" he said softly and he saw my tears running down my cheek.

The doctor hugged me and I whispered in his chest: "why always me"

"It's okay girl... Everything will be okay now calm down so I can take your blood and say that you can go home" he said and made me smile. My eyes where red I think because I cried a little...

"So this will go to the labo now and within two hours we know if you can go home" he said smiling and I smiled too. Not much after the doctor left and I felt asleep.

Calums P.O.V

It was 10 o'clock and I tought about going to Alicia. I walked trough the hospital halls and when I was on her floor a doctor said: "goodmorning Calum" and she smiled

"Goodmorning" I said and smiled back. It's weird that they say that but it's also very sweet too. I knocked on the door but I got no response. I walked in.

"Goodmorn---" but I stopped my sentence when I saw she was sleeping. I kissed her fore head softly.

After 10 minutes Louis, Niall and Harry came in. They also wanted to say goodmorning but also then realised that she was still sleeping. A doctor walked in.

"Goodmorning Alici---- hello guys" he said when he saw she was sleeping. He walked closer to her and started to wake her up.

"Hey...Alicia....you can go home" he said and smiled.

Alicia didn't know we were here and she scared a little.

"Hey I didn't notice you guys comming in" she said and we all started to laugh and also the doctor was laughing.

"So if you want to fill in this papers you can get put" the doctor said and handed Alicia 2 papers. Fill these in and give them at the bali and then you can go"

She started to fill in and we all packed her baggs. We walked out of the room and she gave the papers to another doctor.

"So miss Tomlinson, happy to go home again?" She smiled and Alicia said yes.

We say down in my car and drove Harry and Niall to their houses.

"Wanna stay at ours?" I asked and Alicia and Louis nodded

Luke Michael and Ashton stayed home because we have made a spanboard with WELCOME HOME ALI on it. We walked inside and the guys jumped from behind the sofa and shouted WELCOME HOME ALI. Alicia laughed and hugged them all.

"I missed you guys" she smiled

"We missed you as fuck Aliiiii!" We all shouted and made her smile again

Ashtons P.O.V

"Ali are you tired?" I asked because she really looks like she is.

"Not really..why?" She asked

"Because you look a little bad and you look like you haven't slept in like a year" I said and she started to laugh

"Aww Ash you're really sweet to say that I'm looking horrible" she said laughing

"N-no I just don't want you to fall out again you know..." I said and she walked up to me and hugged me.

She started to look around in the house and she didn't walk in a straight line. She almost fall.

"Hey Alicia are you okay?" Calum asked walking up to her and he laid his arms around her. She didn't answer and looked down. Her nose started to bleed again. I handed her a tissue and Luke gave her the pills she needs to take. She sat down at the ground with her head in her hands.

"Ali? Alicia?! Answer please? Are you okay?" I asked and she nodded

Alicia's P.O.V

I really liked the paint they made and I felt good. Only Ashton tought that I was tired because I looked like I was and my skin was white. Then I started to feel dizzy. I couldn't speak anymore. It was like I was living inside my body. I wanted to answer but I just couldn't. I looked around the house and started to walk to the garden but I didn't walk in a straight line. I almost felt and then the boys came up to me. I felt someone hands around me to hold me up. It was Calum. I looked down and sat on the floor with my head in my hands. Then my nose started to bleed like hell again. My clothes and hands were full of blood. Someone gave me a tissue and the pills I needed to take. I just laid my head in someone's chest. I don't know who's it was. I just needed to close my eyes for a time but when I did they all started screaming my name. I opened my eyes and and I saw that I was laying in Louis' chest. He had his arms wrapped around me and whispered something in my ear.

"Please Alicia answer" Michael said and kneeled down in front of me. Calum held my hand.

"You okay?" Calum asked and I nodded a yes.

"Say something Ali!!" Michael yelled and he took my other hand in his. I closed my eyes and Michael shouted again: "stay here open your eyes Alicia please say something"

"Call 911" Calum shouted pretty hard. I started to feel a bit better and not so dizzy andymore.

"N-no" I said when I heard 911.

"Alicia you speak thank God" Michael said and laid his head in my lap

I lifted my head up.

"Why weren't you answering us?" Ashton asked

"I---I do-don't know---I c------couldn't" I answered

"Why not?" He asked

"I---it looked like I---I lived in m------my own body....I----I he-----heard y-----------you but I----couldn't answer" I said and coughed between

"Here is you medication for the asthma. Take it in" Luke gave me

"Th---ank you"

"I'll call the doctor and see if it's normal ti have these things" Louis said and I stood up and so did the others.

"Hello doctor?"

"Yes. What can I do for you?"

"Alicia Tomlinson is just out of your hospital"

"Oh yes I know is there something wrong?"

"She was about getting these epilepsy attack and when we asked her things she didn't answer. Now she talka back and she said she couldn't because it looked like she was living in her own body and that she wanted to answer but she just couldn't. Is that normal?"

"Yes it's normal because the medication stops the epilepsy in a fraction of seconds and then she can get a bit dizzy, not answering and a feeling to sleep. Did she closed her eyes?"

"Y-yes she did. Why?"

"If she does that, make sure to hold her eyes open because it's a bit dangerous if she falls asleep. It could be that she falls out of known in her sleep so make sure to don't let her close her eyes!"

"Okay thank you doctor"

Calums P.O.V

"Is it normal?" Luke asked and Louis nodded

Alicia started to be back to normal and walked to the fridge for some water. She drank a bit and ait down at the table.

"I'm going to cook todayyyy!" Ashton said. We all talked a bit till ashton gave us a plate with food. It was pizza.

"Special for you" he said when he handed us the plate and we all said thank you.

Alicia sat next to me and I laid one hand on her hip and she bite her lip. I smirked inside myself and the boys all looked at Alicia to know why she bites her lip and started to sit up straighter and straighter. I let my hand go to her upper leg and she almost moaned. Before I could go any further she placed her hand on mine and stopped me. She looked at me and I could see the lust in her eyes.

"I go to bed I'm tired... Thank you for the pizza ut was delicious" she said and smiled

"Guys I go to the toilet" I said and just ran after Alicia. I want her so bad. I want her right now. She's mine. Before she could close her bedroom door I stopped her and she jumptbin the air because she didn't expect somebody. I pushed her against a wall.

"You're mine Alicia, only fucking mine" I said

"I saw the way you looked at Luke this afternoon Alicia." I said and lifter her hands above her head. My hips where next to Alicia's hips.

Lukes P.O.V

Ibwas walking upstairs and I heard my name.

"I saw the way you looked at Luke this afternoon Alicia"

"You're mine not Lukes. Don't fucking dare to cheat on me Alicia really I dare you"

"I know Luke is a good fucker 'cause I heard your moans and screamings when you were fucking with Luke"

"I'll fuck you so you wont even remember Lukes name"

"Why where you looking at Luke like you were still inlove with him?"

"I still like him but I love you Calum"

She really still likes me? I don't want her to fuck with Calum even she's not mine anymore. And yes it's true Alicia and me fucked almost everyday and it was so damn good. Should I walk in or not? The door was open a bit and I looked inside the room. Calum held Alicia against a wall with her hands above her head.

"Bed. Now." Calum said as Alicia did and she bite her lip.

Calum followed her and he started to take off her clothes and she did the same with him. She started to blowjob him and he came in her mouth. They both where moaning.

"On your knees" Calum said and pulled a little at Alicia's arm. He took her arms in his hand and with the other hand he took one of her tits in his hand and massages it. He thrusted in her without warning.

"Fuck Calum" she said moaning

"Agh Alicia fuck"

"Shitt Calum please ahhh aaaahshitt ahh ahh"

I could hear it anymore. They where both a moaning mess and Calum was fucking the girl I really loved. It could be me who was fucking her like that but I cheated on her. I'm so stupid really. I wanted to walk away but I heard my name again

"You want Luke also?"

"Two boys to fuck you deep? Huhh!? You want!!?!" He shouted and thrusted between every word he said

"Y-yess aahh aaaaaaah fuck yes Calum aah"

"You want Luke too!?"

"Yes" she said and moaned at my name

"Okay" he said and pulled out he took his boxers back on and walked to the door. I ran to my room and I heard a knock on my door. Is it really Calum?????

"Luke. I. Need. You. NOW!" Calum said and I stood up.

You know, I liked this Calum...😱 I'm not gay or something but just he is such a bad ass to leave Alicia there. We walked back to Alicia and she sat there with her mouth open.

"Here you have him." Calum said walkin back to her and he took her hand. He took her with him to me.

"Unzip his pants and take off his clothes." He said and Alicas mouth was still open.

"C'mon before I change from toughts" Calum said and Alicia walke up to me and did what Calum said.

"Blow him." He said, she did. I moaned and I started to fuck her mouth. I came in her mouth. Calum pulled at her hair and kissed her deeply.

Calum walked up to me and whispered in my ear:

"You fuck her infront I fuck from behind and we both pull in at the same time. You do whatever you want just fuck her so she wont be able to walk tomorrow" He whispered with a smirk and I smirked too and nodded.

I walked up to her and started kissing her neck while Calum stood behind her and pulled a finger in her vagina.

"Fuckk" Alicia moaned

I saw Calum nodd from behind Alicia and we both pulled in.

"FUCKKK" she shouted and we thrusted both really hard.


"Shitt AAHHH ALICIA fuck fuck fuckkk" I moaned and she kissed me. Calum kissed her neck and I slowed down with thrusting.

"Faster" she moaned in between our kiss. I felt the sparkles again.

"Don't kiss" Calum said and pulled at Alicia's hair so she would stop kissing me. Calum thrusted hard but slowly and I thrusted hard and fast.

"Fuckk guys oh my FUCKKKING gosh there fuck Calum!!! Faster ahhhhh shit Luked fuckk ahh ahh" Calum didn't go faster he only slowed down more and more.

"CALUM YOU FUCKIN STOP AHH HAAAHHHAAAAAHH FUCK LUKKKKCCE AAHH SHITTT Calym stop teeee ahhhh stop ahh teasing" Alicia moaned and yelled

"Ahh Alicia ahhhhh fuck my goshh ahhh" I moaned and I cummed inside her. Her legs got weaker and started to shake.

"Don't. You. Fucking. Dare. To. Cum." Calum said again between thrusts.

I slowed down also because Calum maked faces at me for another possition. She almost came and we both pulled out.

"FUCKKKKKCC GOSH TEASERS" she moaned and her arms landed around my neck. I lifted her up and sat her on my dick. Calum kissed her back and I let red marks on her back like a cat attacked her.

"Shit Luke ahh" she moaned and she kissed me but Calum pulled her lips away and he thrusted inside her again. He now go as fast as he could and so did I. She laid her head back on Calums shoulder and he kissed her neck and cheeks. Her legs got weak again.

"Don't" was all Calum said but Alicia couldn't hold it any longer.


"Lay her on the bed again" Calum said and he pulled out but I didn't she still sat on my dick and I thrusted 2 times.

"You under Her and I above her" Calum said

I laid under Alicia and she was facing me she looked into my eyes and smiled. I thrusted in her and so did Calum.

"Now it's your turn" Calum said as she started moving. I hed her back and let again some red marks on her back and Calum spanked her wich made her moan and shout really loud.

"Fuck this shit" I moaned and squeezed her tits and took one of them in my mouth and I started licking wich made her moan and so did Calum and he spanked her butt again.

We all were such a moaning mess and I really hope that Lou, Ash and Mikey don't here us.

"Fuckkk" calum said and he took his dick out of Alicia and so did I. She lay down on her back and me and Calum started to handjob ourself and we both came full over Alicia's stomach.

"You liked this?" Calum asked and kissing her neck

"What do you think?" She asked smirking

"I think she really enjoyed" I laughed and so did Calum.

"So this was you punishment for looking at Luke like you're inlove with him" Calum laughed and we all three sat under the blankets.

"Well I still like him but you know I fucking love you Calum" she said and he kissed her neck

"Hmm the next punishment you are getting is about the kiss you gave Luke" Calum said looking jealous

"Don't be so jealous" Alicia laughed

"Wellll.. You're getting your next punishment and well you better hope that you can walk after that 'cause this was just the beginning" Calum said smirking and kissing her neck.

•next morning/next day•

Alicia's P.O.V

I woke up between Calum and Luke. We were all naked. I stood up and put on my clothes and I think I woke them both up. My legs are hurting a bit and so did my butt and my back.

"Well... Had a good night?" Calum asked smirking and he pilled me on his lap.

"Well only my but and back and legs are hurting but it's okay" I said laughing and so did Luke and Calum.

"Look Luke, I really want you to come sometimes and help me with fucking her so when you feel like you want to just tell me but I don't want that you guys are doing this behind my back okay?" Calum said to Luke and Luke and I nodded in aggreement

"Would the others heard us?" Luke asked laughing

"'Dunno, Alicia was a bit loud maybe.." Calum laughed

"But so where you,, both teasers arggg" I laughed and got up and so did Luke and Calum.

"Did you liked it?" Calum asked

"Yes I did. Thank you" I answered and kissed him

"Well good to know" Calum said and winked at me

We came downstairs and saw Louis, Ashton and Michael sitting. They didn't look like they slept much. When they saw us they started moaning.

"Ahh Luke aahh fuck Calum deeper" Michael moaned with a girly voice and I got red.

"Ahh fuck Alicia don't you dare to come" Louis said moaning too

"Oh my goshh ahh Alicia you're so fucking tight" Ashton moaned

"Fuck Alicia I want to fuck you everyday" the three of them mianed together

We were red. We were loud but didn't tought that they would hear it this good.

"One question, why was Luke fucking Ali too?" Michael asked

"Wanna enjoy us too maybe?" Calum laughed

"No seriousely would you guys like to enjoy her next punishment maybe? Well Louis you're her stepbrother so if you don't want you don't need to" Calum laughed and I winked at Louis

"Well for me it's no problem" Louis laughed


"Yupp but not today. These boys left too many marks on my body" I laughed

"Lemme see" everybody said and I lifted my shirt up

"This is Lukes beautiful art, my back full of red marks" I laughed

"Then the second art is Calums" I said smiling and let them see my legs. They were a bit blue because of his spanking me.

"WHAT DID YOU DO!?! DID HE HURT YOU???!" Louis yelled

"Wohahh, calm down Lou. He didn't hurt me okay?" I said and he calmed down again

"I dare you to hurt my sister Hood." Louis glared at him

"Louis really I would never hurt her"

"I'm going to cook some bacon with eggs. For you guys too?" I asked and they nodded. The sit down in th sofa and Calum walked into the kitchen and laid his arms around me from behind.

"Sweetheart... Did you really liked it with Luke with us?" He asked and I turned around

"Yeah I did, it's a new experience to let me being fucked by two fuck Gods" I said lauging and I laid my arms around his neck

"Do you love Luke?"

"What??!!?? Noooo ohh God no Calum I love you for death" I said and he smiled and kissed me.

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