When Everything Changes

This story is about a girl who lost her father in a car crash. She, her stepbrother, her stepfather and Her mother moved to Australia. She has an abusive stepfather.
She has pannic attacks, social anxiety, Borderline, depression and she does self harm.
What will happen when her mother dies? Is she really dead or....?
Everything changes when she's in Australia.
Read this to know what is going to happen!

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59. funny night

Alicia's P.O.V

As we got into my house the guys where still awake.

"You won???" They all asked as Calum jumped and said yes a thousand times

"OH MY GOSH U SO GUUD!!" Ashton shouted hugging him

We all got to mine and Louis' room. I unclothed myself. I was only wearing my underwear now.

I saw Luke staring at my boobs, Ashton and Michael at my bum and Louis was checking my while body. Then I saw Calums face. It was red. I needed to hold in my laughter

"STOP LOOKING AT MY GIRLFRIEND MATES" he shouted and at this I bursted out laughing really hard.

"That's teally not funny" Calum said

"Yes,,, yes it is baby" I said still laughing my ass off and the others started laughing to

"Come with me"

"Whut?" I asked still laughing

"NOW ALICIA" he said as he came up to me

"C'mon I'm tired Calpal"

"I don't care." He said angry and he took my wrist and pulled me with him

"Ahhw Calum stop"

"You think it was funny when they where looking at every little thing on you? Do you tought that?!?" He said as he pinned me up against a wall with his hand on my troath. He kissed my roughly still with his hand in my troath and I let out a moan.

"Shh the guys can hear us" he said as he let go of my troath

"Well stop it then" I started laughing again and run beside him to the bedroom again as the others started laughing too.

"Lock the door" Ashton said and Michael did

"Make moan noices" Luke laughed

"Ahh Luke fuckk" I moaned as I tried to hold in my laughter

"Ali---you're so tight ahh" Luke moaned as Calum started bouncing on the door

"OPEN THIS FUCKING DOOR!" He shouted as I moaned again

"Aaaahhh Luke deeper"

And then Louis opened up and Calum ran in

"What is goi---- wait, you didn't do anything?" He asked as now we all started laughing but Calum wasn't. He took my arm again and pulled me with him to the bathroom.

"You aren't going to laugh when tomorrow you can't fucking walk anymore!" Calum shouted and the guys heard it 'cause they started laughing

"Calum I dare you to hurt my sister!!!!" Louis shouted

"I won't Louis, I promise" Calum said and after he said that he started smirking.

"On your knees" he commanded me

"On your knees" he said and pulled me down. He unzipped his pants and then he took me up again and and he was rubbing his boxer agains my bum. He was dry humping me. He moaned and now he pulled my head back and kissed my cheek and then slapped it. He pulled me down and put off his boxers. He fucked my mouth....hard.

"Well well well bad girls need to be punished" he said smirking and he cummed in my mouth.

"Get up" he said and I did.

Now I tought about getting over the control as he wanted to thrust in me. I walked away, further in the bathroom as he followed

"Thats not a good idea" he said smirking and he wanted to take my hips and as he did I turned around so now I'm pinning him up against the wall.

"Sorry Cal, bad boys need to be punished too" I smirked and get away and he took my hips but I turned around and took his belt.

"Hands off" I said but he didn't

"HANDS OFF" I said again angryly and now he did

"No sex for you today Calpal" I said walking out of the bathroom with him behind me.

"Why are you doing this Ali" he asked kissing my neck

"Because I still have problems with sitting on a chair" I said and he laughed. We got back in the room.

"How was the sex?" Michael giggled

"We didn't have" Calum said glaring at me

"Whahahahaha why not?" Luke started laughing

"Because miss Perfect her butt is still hurting" Calum said laughing but then I turned around. I still had his belt in my hands. I walked towards him and he walked backwards. I pinned him up agains the wall with his belt.

"You better don't say that a fucking second time" I said angry but I really needed to hold back my laughter

"Miss perf----" he started and with that I slapped with his belt against the wall

"DoN'T YOu Fucking DARE" I said as the others where laughing

"You have a dangerous girlfriend" Ashton said laughing

"Well? You're gonna shut up?" I asked smiling to Calum. He took his belt out of my hands and he lifted me up and throwed me at the bed and started tickling me.

"G-guys help---help me ahhh Callll stop it help me please guys" I said between my laugh but the boys just started tickling me too. After 2 minutes of tickling they finally stopped.

Ashton pulled in a movie and after whennit finished,

"Guys I'm gonna get some jack daniels" Louis said as Luke put in his iPod for music.

We drank a bit and started dancing around the bedroom. We where dancing and jumping around like 10 year old kids. I looked out of the window and it started to get light outside again.

"Guys I have an idea, put on some clothes" I said as I took on my clothes again and sondid they.

We walked out of the house up to the sand and the sea. It was close with us. When we arrived we all layed on the sand and looking at the sun who comes up again. I laid my head on Calums chest.

This was almost the best night I've ever had in years.

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