When Everything Changes

This story is about a girl who lost her father in a car crash. She, her stepbrother, her stepfather and Her mother moved to Australia. She has an abusive stepfather.
She has pannic attacks, social anxiety, Borderline, depression and she does self harm.
What will happen when her mother dies? Is she really dead or....?
Everything changes when she's in Australia.
Read this to know what is going to happen!

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60. Epilepsy took over

Alicia's P.O.V

When I woke up I was home again. It was around 11 in the morning and the guys where awake too. I got out of my bed and my nose started bleeding heavy. I took a tissue.

Louis' P.O.V

I saw Alicia grabbing a tissue and taking her pills. Her hands where shaking and full of blood when we all ren up to her. She fell to the ground but lucky that Luke held her on time. Her eyes where closed. We where screaming her name but she didn't answer. She was shaking now all over her body... We where all worried and afraid. When she stopped shaking she also stopped breathing. Michael called 911, they told us to give her heart massage and mouth-to-mouth breathing. Calum did this but it didn't worked.

"She still isn't breathing!!" He screamed with tears in his eyes. Then the amublance came and told us to go outside but we didn't want that.

"I'm not fucking let my sister her alone!!!!" I shouted as one off the men took me away from her.

"It's better you do." He answered me

"Let me stay!!" Calum shouted and also him they took away. They also brought Ashton, Luke and Michael downstairs.

We hear somebody shouting one two tree and then we heard a bounce. This we heard 5 times.

"Alicia" we heard

"Stay on the floor, everything is okay. We are here" a man voice said

"Louis" I heard Alicia saying as I wanted to run back in the house but one of the other nurses and doctors held me outside

"It's better you just wait here" he told me


"Calm down mr. Tomlinson. She will be allright just wait here" he told me again

"No I'm not JUST waiting here!!!"

"What you mean Louis?" I heard the man asking

"Get Louis" she said

"Let me fucking go!!! Can't you hear that she wants to see me!!!" I shouted

"You'rw not going mr. you need to wait"

"He is waiting outside" the man who was with Alicia said.

Alicia's P.O.V

When I got up again I really wanted to see Louis. My breathing was hard and fast and it hurted. I really think I'm going to die.... I only want to see Louis, the only half family I have. I asked the man who gave me a breathing mask to bring Louis. I heard Louis outside screaming to let him in but the man didn't let him. He told him to wait.

"Please get-----get Louis" I begged them. They laid me back down on the floor. I started to cry and my breathing got faster and faster. My heart hurts with every breath I take. I was afraid and my hands start shaking again.

"Pl---please L-lo--Louis" I begged before passing out again

Louis' P.O.V

I heard her saying: "pl---please L-Lo--Louis"

"Let me pass" I asked

"Miss? Miss Tomlinson?" I heard them asking but she didn't response.

The guys got angry and pushed the man aside and I ran upstairs and there I saw....I saw Alicia laying down on the floor.

"Is she breathing???" I asked running up to her lifeless body afraid that they would tell me that she died.....

"Yes she is. She passed out again. She will be allright. Now go back downstairs please we are trying to wake her up again and then we bring her." The doctor said but I didn't move. They start wakimg her up and brought her downstairs as I followed them. The laid her in the ambulance and Calum and me are going with them. The boys drive behind the ambulance.

•at hospital•

Me and the boys were waiting until a doctor came up to us. I stood up asking many questions.

"Yes mr. Tomlinson. She is okay. She is sleeping now but soon she will wake up. We have some bad news..." The doctor said and our eyes started watering

"Her heart is weak so she needs a new heart." He said as we all started crying.

"How comes?" Ashton asked crying

"She has a heart problem from with her birth. It's crazy that we didn't find that out then. Everything was fine but now because she gets Epilepsy her heart slowed down. It's because of the shocks she get when she got an epilepsy attack" he said

"We have some good news too. Her blood group is O* and it's very rare---" I didn't let him speak out

"And what is so good about that??!!!!" I spat

"Not many people have this blood group and nobody on the list needs a heart with blood group O+. A hospital in Spain has a heart in case with this blood group and they are flying it over with a plane right now. So when it's arrived we can gave her a new heart." The doctor said smiling as I stood up and hugged him. I said many times thank you.

"You can go inside with her but be quiet. She needs rest now" he said and we nodded

We walked inside and we saw her body laying there. Her skin was white and she had many machines beside her. I took her hand and begged her to stay strong.

The doctor came in and he takes some blood from Alicia.

After an hour or two the doctor walked in again.

"Guys we have good news. In the labo they are testing out some things with the heart in her blood and she can get the new heart. We are going to start now with the surgery"

3 nurses came in as they took her with them.

•after surgery•

Calums P.O.V

The same doctor came in and told us to go with him. He told us that she is in intensive care.

"Normally you only can go inside with max. 3 but if you guys are quiet you can all go inside" we nodded and walked inside.

She was sleeping so peaceful. After 10 minutes the doctor said that we need to leave because the patients need to get enough rest.

"She needs to stay here in intensive care for 3 days and then she can go to a normal hospital room for 4 days. If you come to visit her it's only 20à30 minutes, the visit hours here is from 2 in the afternoon till 2:30 and from 6 till 6:30. It's possible that she is going to throw up but that's normal. Tomorrow we will wake her up sonyou guys can speak a bit but she won't remember much from what you guys will say then because she is still sleepy" he said

"But she will remember us right?" Michael asked worried

"Yes offcourse she will" he said smiling and we left.

•At home•

the guys stayed at my place. We all where still shocked about what happened in the bedroom.

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