When Everything Changes

This story is about a girl who lost her father in a car crash. She, her stepbrother, her stepfather and Her mother moved to Australia. She has an abusive stepfather.
She has pannic attacks, social anxiety, Borderline, depression and she does self harm.
What will happen when her mother dies? Is she really dead or....?
Everything changes when she's in Australia.
Read this to know what is going to happen!

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62. cute

Alicia's P.O.V

I woke up and Calums head was on my stomach. He was still sleeping. It's so cute and I tried to grab my phone for making a picture but then he moved a little. Fieuw he's still sleeping. I had my phone now and took a picture from Calum sleeping on my stomach. I posted it on instagram twitter and facebook. I have over the 1000 likes in less then 2 minutes, how is that possible? I guess Calum is waking up because he moved again a bit with his hand and his leg. He sighed. His leg laid over my both legs and his hand above my boobs. He felt my heart beating.

"Good morning princess" he said looking up

"Good morning sleep head" I smiled

"I tried to be friendly but I think it didn't worked" he said with an angry expression on his face and he took me under my back and rolled over. I laid on top of him. He tried to kiss me but I shook my head so his lips landed mostly on my cheeks. He sighed again and then rolled us over so now he laid on top of me.

"Let me kiss you" he said almost yelling trying to hold back his laughter

"Shhhh! The boys are sleeping" I laughed a little

"I don't care, let me kiss you" he said and tried to kiss me again but again I turned my face away. He sat up on my crotch and with one hand he held my both hands above my head and with his other he held my face. Now I let him kiss me and we both smiled in the kiss. He let go of my hands.

"I love the little bitch inside you" he said laughing

"I love you too" I said almost sarcasticly

"Don't be sarcastic Ali"

"My life my choices" I said and I pushed him off of me and I (tried) to get up. He laid his arms around my waist and pulled me back kissing my neck from behind. I moaned. He sat me on his lap and hugged me very tight.

"I love you so much Ali"

"I love you too" I said kissing him

"You're the kind of girl everybody wants. You're not only my girlfriend, you are my best friend also. With you I have the most amazing moments and the most crazy too. When I saw you the first time with Luke I was so jealous, but look now, the girl of my dreams is sitting in my lap! I never dared to dream of this, I tought you and me where only being friends for the reat of our lives.... Alicia I never ever wanna loose you, when days are dark you make them bright, you are the moon in the dark nights, you are sun in the bright days, you keep my heart alive when there are places that keeps me struggling to survive. Alicia be mine forever please?" He said and I was crying from happiness

"Yes Calum I'm your's forever if you're mine forever"

"I will be honey" he said and then kissed me

We got up and get dressed. The others were already up and they make breakfast for us all. When we were ready I took the plates and I did the dishes.

"We have a concert this evening, do you guys are coming?" Louis asked and they all nodded happy.

"We're going home, we have practice" Michael said and they all hugged me and Louis.

"Ali you're coming too?" He asked smiling and hugged me from behind

"Nahh" I said laughing and turned around and I saw his face drops

"Louis, offcourse I'm coming!" I said and hugged him tight. Now he started laughing and he lifted me over his shoulder and he started walking.

"Aaaaaaaah Louis" I yelled and slapping his back

"Ali stop that" he said laughing

"If you set me back down"

"I will but first stop hitting me" he said and I stopped. He throw me on the counch and he sit on top of me. He started poking me and I started laughing and yelling.

"Louiiiisss stop pleasssee"

"Na ah ahh"

"Ya ah ahh"

"Don't ya ah ahh me" he said laughing and poked harder

"Louiss stop it" I laughed trying to pull him away but it didn't worked

"Tell me what I need to do so you'll stop" I said trough laughing

"Dunnoh" he laughed and I took his face as he stopped poking me and now also stopped laughing. He thinks I'm going to kiss him but he won't expect this. I laid my arms around his neck and held his shoulders. I got closer almost kissing his cheek and the I pushed him down so I am on too of him now. I started poking him. I stopped and then kissed his cheek as I got up. He laid his arms around me and pulled me on his lap. He kissed my neck and cheeks.

"Louis" I moaned but I knew it was wrong

"Stop please" I said as his arms still where around my waist pulling me with my back against his chest. I turned my face and kissed him. Why am I even doing this? I can't cheat on Calum with my (half) brother.... I stopped kissing him and got up.

"Sorry Louis... I can't cheat on Calum" I said looking down. He stood uo and pulled me into a hug.

"It's not cheating, you're my sister, we're just close" he said and he made me smile. He back off from the hug and he cupped my face with his hands. He kissed my forehead and then his phone rang.

"Yeah?" He said

"Okay I'll be right there in a couple minutes"

"See ya"

"What's wrong?" I asked

"The guys wanna have band practice for the show tonight" he said smiling and he kissed my cheek and then he left.

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