When Everything Changes

This story is about a girl who lost her father in a car crash. She, her stepbrother, her stepfather and Her mother moved to Australia. She has an abusive stepfather.
She has pannic attacks, social anxiety, Borderline, depression and she does self harm.
What will happen when her mother dies? Is she really dead or....?
Everything changes when she's in Australia.
Read this to know what is going to happen!

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63. concert

Alicia's P.O.V

I showered and got dressed into my black short dress. I actually don't like it 'cause you see some scars... I put on a black blazer so my wrists aren't showed. I took my black high heels and started with drying my hair. After that I straighten it and them I got my make up ready. I put on some fondation, mascara and eyeliner. I put also some black eye shadow on so my brown eyes are showed.

Around 7 o'clock in the evening I eas ready and sat down in the sofa. I waited till the boys come and get mento leave for the concert of Louis and his band mates. It's not a big concert but just a little one in a pub in the city. 5 minutes later the door bell rang. It were the boys so I took my purse and went outside locking the door.

"Hey babe" Calum said and kissed me. We went inside the taxi and he drove us to the concert. 20 minutes later we arrived and Ashton paid the driver and then we got out of the car and walked in the pub. I look around and saw Alex. I fastly look away when my eyes met his. I took Calums hand in mine and we walked further in the pub. Michael went to a friend and Ashton was with him. Calum went for drinks and Luke went to the toilet. I sat down on a bar chair. Soon I saw Alex walking up to me.

"Hey there babe" he said and pulled me to the wall of the bar.

"Stop it and get off before my boyfriend is going to beat you up!" I yelled and tried to put his hands away. He sat one hand on my upper leg almost entering in my dress and the other held my face up.

"Shh babe I know you want me too"

"Shut up!" I yelled and pushed his hand that laid on my leg away.

"Shhh" he smirked and started kissing my neck

"Guess what? You're coming with me" he said smirking

"Guess what? You can wish that but it's not going to happen!" I shouted and tried to get away as the boys got on stairs. I looked over at Louis and he saw me.

"Look at me" Alex said and I didn't listen. He slapped me a little so I was facing him.

"GET OFF YOU SON OF A BITCH!!" I heard Louis shouting from behind me. He grabbed my waist and pulled me away from Alex as I smiled at him and whispered a thank you. Everybody was looking now and Calum came back and his mouth drops when he saw Alex.

"Ali oh gosh I'm so sorry" he yelled. I saw him looking to my waist 'cause Louis' hand still laid there.

"Euhm" he said still looking to my waist as Louis put his hand really fast away.

"See ya" Alex said smirking as I rolled my eyes

"Did ge hurt you? Are you okay?" Louis asked

"No he didn't and Yes I'm fine but now get your ass back in stage" I said as he pulled me in for a hug and then ran back on stage.

"Sorry Alicia sorry!! I never let you alone before, I'm so sorry Ali! How could I be so stupid. I didn't know he was here but still I didn't need to let you alone oh God I'm so fucking sorry" Calum said hugging me and he almost cried.

"Cal-Calum look at me. It's fine, it really is" I said letting go of the hug and cupped his face in my hands

"No it isn't fine, I left you alo---"

"Calum shh it's really okay, as you see he didn't do anything and you are now here with me so shhh calm down and let's dance" I said and grab his arm and we both walked to the dance floor. I laid my arms around his neck and his laid around my waist as we moved in the songs from 1D. My hips where moving against his and he moaned.

"Oh sorry" I said tooking a step back but Calum pulled me closer again. He moaned again and I blushed a little

"Calum" I said laughing and he blushed. We walked back to the bar and got our dranks. After 4 jack daniels and 2 Wodka's we went back to the dance floor. He pulled me as close as he could and our hips moved together again. He turned me around dry humped me a little but nobody noticed it. He moaned and so did I. I turned myself around again and kissed him. Michael, Ashton and Luke came dancing with us. We where all a bit drunk 'cause Calum was making me dance with my butt against his crotch again as we lowered to the ground and got back up. Luke was watching us with a jealous expression so I took his hand as he stand in front of me and we lowered again to the floor with his hands on my waist. We danced now a bit normal again and the concert ended. The guys came down the stage and walked up to us. They all hugges us as we said that they were really good and they thanked us.

"We better go home LouLou, tomorrow we have another concert" Liam said

"Hmm I know" he answered and hugged me a goodbye and then he let go of the gug and kissed my cheek. My hands went from his shoulders to his abs and he stopped me.

"I love you Alicia" he whispered in my ear and kissed my hand.

"Let's go dance again" Ashton said pulling us with him so we danced to the loud music.

Around 4 in the night/morning we went to the hotel near the pub. Me and Calum laid together and the others laid together at the room next to us.

"You're going to get your punishment for being such a tease with your hips" Calum said walking up to me as he took of my blazer. I moaned a little.

"Haha Ali, sweet heart." He said getting closer and unzipped my dress as I got out of it.

"You won't be able to walk tomorrow but... Be quiet if you don't want that your punishment gets worse" he whispered in my ear and throwed me on the bed. I was sitting with my bra, underwear and my high heels. I wanted to unzip Calums belt and pants but he stopped me

"Lay down" he said as I did and bite my lip.

"Tonight you're going to call me daddy, got it" he said pushing my slip down. I nodded

"What did you say? I didn't hear anything" he smirked

"Yes Cal--- daddy"

"Hmm that's better" he smirked

"Now turn around and go sit on hands and knees" he commanded me and I did. He slapped my left cheek from my butt and I let out a moan and he slapped again...and again....and again... He started rubbing his crotch against my butt and he moaned. He pulled my hair back and turned me around.

"Get them off" he said almost moaning. My hand find the way to his boxers and my hand laid in his huge errection. He stopped my hand as he pulled me closer.

"Can you feel this?"

"Feel what daddy?"

"My dick against your clit" he said as I moaned and I nodded


"Y-yes daddy" I said

"Sit on your knees" he said and I did. He pulled of his boxers and entered me without warning witch made me moaning like hell. He pulled one arm behind my back and pulled my hair.


"Shh be quiet" he said holding my mouth close as he thrusted harder inside me and he cummed in me. He got out and he pulled me up and laid my legs around his waist. He laid my back against a wall as he thrusted in me again.

"Shit dadd-daddy ahh fuck here agh yes I---I'm so c-close ahhhhh"

"No don't cum" he said spanking me with one hand

"Ali you're so tight, fuck... I c-can't hold it any longer" Calum moaned as he thrusted really hard and fast inside me, hitting my g-spot everytime. "Fuckk" we moaned as we both came together. He set me down on the floor and pushed me against the wall. He took my hips and slapped my bum.

"Fuck Cal-daddy"

"Stop saying Cal---" he said with an angry tone in his voice as he slapped my butt again

"Daddy do something now please" I begged

"Miss perfect is eager?" He smirked

"Fuck daddy if you aren't supose to do something right now, I'll just walk to Luke and let me being fucked by him" I said smirking back but I guess he didn't liked that. He slapped me 4 more times on my butt as he squeezed my butt and slammed really hard inside me. Hu pulled my hair so my head laid in his shoulder and he scratched my back. He held my troath.

"Don't think you'll be able to walk to Luke" he said as he constantly smached again my g-spot with his dick.

"Fuck daddy I agh love the kinky boy in you" I moaned as I came and he pulled out. He pushed me down on my knees and I got his dick inside my mouth and he cummed in my mouth.

"Bed" he said. I laid down and he got handcuffs. He cuffes my hand on each side of the bed and he teased me before entering me. We both came one last time as he undo the handcuffs. He looked at my whole body.

"I'm proud of my art" he said smirking as he laid down and I got my shoes off. We cuddled a little.

"I love you Cal"

"I love you too babe" he said and fell asleep soon

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