When Everything Changes

This story is about a girl who lost her father in a car crash. She, her stepbrother, her stepfather and Her mother moved to Australia. She has an abusive stepfather.
She has pannic attacks, social anxiety, Borderline, depression and she does self harm.
What will happen when her mother dies? Is she really dead or....?
Everything changes when she's in Australia.
Read this to know what is going to happen!

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69. Christmas

Alicia's P.O.V

I woke uo and showered. Today will be Christmas evening. I dressed myself into a white shirt with one red strape on the sleeve and a black skilly jeans with black converce. I blowdried my hair and made some curles in it. I put some make up on my face and went downstairs.

"Good morning" the guys said in symphony. When I woke up tehy weren't awake yet and now they all are.

"Hey" I said as I laughed and put on my bracelet.

"Had a good night?" Calum asked as he walked up to me and kissed me. I smiled in the kiss and so did he.

The guys were playing fifa and I made some breakfast for us all.

"Guys come and eat!" I yelled and they came. I made some pancakes. We sat all around the table and we talked a bit as we finished our breakfast.

"Does anybosy goes to church today?" I asked

"I do" Ashton said

"Do you?" Luke asked and I nodded

"In Belgium it's tradition to go to church in Christmas eve and things like this"

"I'll come with you" Ashton said

"I'll too" Louis said and I nodded

"Around what time?" Ashton asked

"It's starts here around 4 in the afternoon"

"Okay. Who goes too?" He asked the others. Only Louis, Ashton and me are going to the church.

•skip to after the church•

It was now almost six in the evening. I started cooking and when I could leave it alone a bit I walked to the guys.

"Let's start with the presents" Michael said exitedly and we all nodded and laughed

"Ooooooooohhh guyssss noooooo we can't start I need to go somewhere!! I'll be back in 30 minutes!!" I said remembering that I forgot the phone case for Calum. I ran uitside to my car, it's snowing wow. I start to drive and speed up a little but my car was turning from the ice on the road. I stand still and got afraid to drive further but I really need rhat case for Calum so I start to drive again but this time not that fast. I parked my car and ran into the mall. Just on time.

"The phone case?" The soft girly voice said and I turned aroun and nodded smiling. She handed the phone case and walked back to my car. I also have a photocart and a t-shirt from his favourite band. I hope he's happy with that. I drove back to the guys's house and they weren't downstairs so I laid the presents with the other ones. I go looking to the food but it still wasn't ready so I called the guys and they came downstairs.

"Can we start with the presents now?" Michael asked exited and we nodded and laughed

Michael stood up and took a present "this is for you Ali" he said smiling and hugged me. I opened it and the first thing I saw was a new lipring. Then I opened the others, a mascara and a belly buttom. With a diamant. "Mikey thank you!" I said and hugged him. Now I took the present that I bought for him and he opened it. "OH MY GOD A PLECTRUM FROM SLIPKNOT AWWW ALI THANK YOU SOOOO!!! Also thank you for the Iron Maiden shirt, I LOVE IT!!" He said really excited

Ashton stood up and handed me a present. It were tickets for Green Day. "GOSHH ASH THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!" I said jumping on him and he turned me around "thank you thank you thank you!!" He sat me back on the floor and I took the present I bought for him, it was a new pair of drumsticks, a new watch and 3 bracelets. He started jumping and said thank you while hugging me. I gave Luke the parfume and Calum the phone case and the photocart with the t-shirt.

Calum wanted to sit on one knee but then somebody ran in the house. My mom?

"MOM????" Me and Louis said both, our skin color now as white as it could be. She nodded and me both run to her and hugged her really tight.

"Weren't you...."

"Your father didn't ment to kill the woman who was there and sat her on fire... The woman was there for some things of papers and she took a sigarette and Eric handed her fire but he let the fire fall and in no mather of time she stood on fire... It wasn't me... But we need to go back to your father Lou, I know you don't want to but we have to. He is now out of prison and we go back" my mother said and now Louis and I were hugging and I felt a teardrop on my shoulder, Louis was crying

"Don't send up back... We have an appartement an----" Louis wanted to say but my mother interrupted him

"I know that all but we are going to sell it" my mom said and Louis walked outside to the garden and I followed him. He sat down on a bench and I stood behind him. I laid my hands on his shoulders.

"I don't want to go back to hell Alicia"

"Me neither believe me, I really don't want to neither"

"Mom says that he is a better person but I don't believe that, he never can change" Louis said and I sat beside him.

"Maybe it's true what she said. Maybe we need to give him another chance" I said and took his hand in mine. I turned his face with my index finger and then I hugged him.

"Merry Christmas Ali" he said while hugging

"Merry Christmas" I said and we let go of the hug

"C'mon let's go inside it's cold" I said and stoop up. I took his hand and we walked back inside

"Please give him one chance" my mother said and I nodded but Louis didn't so I hit his arm a bit with my elbow and now he nodded too.

"I'll go look for the food" mom said and walked into the kitchen.

Calum took my hands in his and he sat back on one knee.

"Alicia Maria Tomlinson" he said as he held a little case out of his pocket and opened it,

"Do you wanna merry me?" He asked and I got tears in my eyes and smiled, I nodded and he slipped the ring on my finger. He stood up and hugged me, then we kissed.

"I love you so" he said

"I love you too" I said and we let go of the hug.

"FOOD IS READY" my mom said as we all jumped to the table. We ate our food slowly. I felt a hand on my leg. It couldn't be Calum 'cause he sat infront of me. I looked beside me and it was Luke... I dropped my fork and pulled his hand away. He sat his hand again on my leg but this time a bit higher. I almost jumped up from my chair

"Is everything okay Ali?" Luke asked and the others where laughing

"Yeah" I answered and Lukes hand found his way again a bit higher.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Michael asked and I nodded with a fake smile. I pushed Luke's hand away again. We finished our food and me and my mother started to put the plates in the dishes machine.

"I'm going to your father, you guys come too?"

"Nahh" Louis said

"They stay here" Luke added and Louis winked at me and I smiled

My mother left. We sat around the table with a glass of Wodka and played strip poker. Michael lost the first round and he pulled out his jacket. Luke lost the second and he took off his t-shirt. Luke again lost and took of his shoes. The forth round I lost and I took of my t-shirt. The fifth Ashton lost and he took of the watch and bracelets he got from me. Calum lost the sixth and took his shirt off. Then I again lost and I took of my shoes. We played until everybody was just sitting in the underwear. It was still snowing outside and the guys have a big pool.

"Alicia I dare you to jump in the pool with only this what you're wearing" Ashton said laughing, he knew when he say something like this I do. I glared at him and he laughed even harder.

"It's snowing outside guys, she could get sick" Calum said worried

"Hahahahaha we know she won't do this, she's afraid" Michael laughed

"Well Michael, then I dare you to jump with me" I said and he stopped laughing

"U serious?" He said and I nodded. I grabbed his hand and ran out of the door. We stood on 2 meters away from the pool hand in hand and in the snow


"Wait, are you sure?" Michael said and I nodded

"3--2----1!!!" I yelled and we ran in jumped into the ice cold pool. We got out and the guys handed us a big towel. We both wrapped it around us and we all were laughing

"Now come back inside before you guys get a cold!" Luke said. We all walked inside and Michael and me cleaned ourself back up and got back in our clothes. My phone was ringing. It was Laura. One of my best friends in Belgium. (Dutch and English"

"Hey" I said

"Hey Alicia!! Dat is lang geleden!! Eerst en vooral een gelukkige Kerstmis!! Hoe gaat het daar zo ver van huis?/// hey Alicia!! Long time ago that we've talked!! First of all a Merry Christmas!! How are things going so far away?"

"Ohh Laura!!! Voor u ook een gelukkig Kerstfeest en ja gaat wel, hele aanpassing van taal enzo. En hoe ist daar?/// ohh Laura!!! Merry Christmas for you too. Yeah it's going good but it's a whole other language. How is it with you there"

"Ja dat zal wel! Je moet eens afkomen met de feestdagen he! Hier gaat ook alles goed, nog steeds het gewone leventje he/// yeah I can believe! You need to come to Belgium! Here everything is also going good, still the normal and lazy life as before"

"Ja ik zou echt een af moeten komen, ik zal er werk van maken babe!/// yes I really need to, I'll work on it babe!"

"Dan is't goed maar beloofd he? Ik zal je maar laten het is bij jou al laat zeker? Heb geen rekening met de tijd gehouden sorry///good but it's a promise okay? I'll let you 'cause it's now a bit late in Australia isn't it? I forgot about the big time difference"

"Zeker beloofd en dat is niet erg hoor, tis hier inderdaad al laat maar ben blij dat je belde! Ik spreek je later nog!op skype ofzo?/// promised! It's okay about that and yeah it's late her but thank you for the call! I appreciate it!! I'll talk to you later on skype?"

"Zeker weten babe! Daag!!! Kus knuf love you!///Sure babe! Bye!!! Kiss hug love you!"

The phone call ended and the guys where looking like they saw a ghost.

"What?" I asked

"That wasn't English" Louis said confused

"Nope" I said smiling

"That was Dutch????" Calum asked and I nodded

"Hiw can you speak that???" Ashton asked

"Wellll I lived in Belgium before" I laughed

"We know but how can you speak this good English then?" Michael asked

"Before leaving in Belgium I asked in my school for extra lessons English" I said laughing

"Do you...do you go back to Belgium...?" Calum asked with a sad face

"Nahh, maybe to say hello to my friends"

"But you won't stay there?" Louis asked and I said no

"Ohh thank Goshh" he said and hugged me.

We ended up sitting on the counch watching If I Stay and after that The Fault In Our Stars.

🎅🎄Merry Christmas guys! 🎄🎅


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