When Everything Changes

This story is about a girl who lost her father in a car crash. She, her stepbrother, her stepfather and Her mother moved to Australia. She has an abusive stepfather.
She has pannic attacks, social anxiety, Borderline, depression and she does self harm.
What will happen when her mother dies? Is she really dead or....?
Everything changes when she's in Australia.
Read this to know what is going to happen!

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44. Calums big secret

Alicia's P.O.V

Should I follow him?

I decided to follow him.

He was wearing his black ripped jeans, a white band shirt with a jacket and a beanie. He had a hand lugguage with him. He walked down a street without lights it was a bit scary because I heard a noise from behind me. Calum looked behind him and I fast jumped behind a big bin. He didn't notice me and I followed him again. He walked into a door and some minutes after I walked into that door too. I didn't saw him anymore but then I saw a big ring and many people shouting: CALUM CALUM CALUM and on the other side from the ring they shouted another name. They were shouting: ALEX ALEX ALEX. Wait what????? Alex?!! My ex boyfriend Alex or another Alex???? My mouth sprung open when I saw Calum coming out of a door to the boxring. Then I saw Alex, indeed, my ex boyfriend, following him. I can't believe this... So that's why Calum has so many bruises?

Calums P.O.V

I walked into the boxring looking around the crowd. They were screaming and shouting my name. I was going to fight/box with Alex. I'm going to fuck up that ass! Who hurts Alicia, hurts me and who hurts me, I will hurt them 10 times harder!! I tought I saw Alicia but when I look again I didn't saw her so I was dreaming. The match started and he hit me right in my face. I stomped him and hit his face. He fell to the ground. If you stay 10 seconds on the ground the other wins. The crowd started to count. 1----2----3----4----5----6----7----8----9 but then that fucker stood up. We started again and again I hit his face as hard as I could and he fell again. The croud started to count again. "1----2----3----4----5----6----7----8----9----10!!!!!!!" I won I was happy that I won and happy that I beated his ass up! I turned around when I saw Alicia, she was looking at me with tears in her eyes. She walked out and I followed her.

"ALICIA" I shouted and she looked at me

"Was this why your face is always full of bruises?" She asked

"Look I'm sorry that I didn't tell you I was..." I said but then Alex came.

"HA HA loser! Even your girlfriend didin't know you're a boxer" he said laughing and Alicia walked up to him. Before I could answer she hit him in his face with her fist. He almost fell to the ground again.

"Alicia why did you do this?!!!??!!!" He shouted at her

"That's for the times that you hurted me" she said crying and walking away and Alex walked back inside.

"Alicia wait" I said and she turned around

"I'm sorry that I didn't told you, I was just so affraid of losing you if I told you" I said

"Why would you lose me Calum? You're my best friend!"

I hugged her and she hugged me back

"I'm sorry that I didn't tell you" I said and looked in her brown eyes and she smiled at me. I wanted to kiss her but she's with Luke... We came closer to each other and then we heard the noise of a shotgun. We got scared and ran away but then we saw a car driving into this little street without lights. He stopped and pointed at us with his gun. It were 3 boys with a mask on their face so we don't know who they are. One of them said: "get in the car!" I answered no and Alicia stood begind my back holding me tight. "Get in our your girlfriend is dead!" The other said and he took Alicia's wrist and held the gun at Her head. I got in that car and Alicia followed. They have a gun so we can't do something or we're dead so we just needed to listen. We arrived at a dark place and Alicia started to pannic. "She has a pannic attack guys please don't de anything!" I shouted. They took my hands behind my back and so did they with Alicia but with her they pulled at her hair also. They said dirty things and kissed her neck. She didn't want this. She was crying and then they slapped her face. "HEY! IT'S A GIRL NOT A DOG!" I shouted and trying to get off of them but then they hit me too. They locked me and Alicia in a room and our hands behind our back with a rope. Alicia laid her head on my shoulder and then These 3 came in. "Alicia here. NOW" he said almost screaming. She stood up and walked to him with shaking legs. He pulled at her hair and one of the other guys came up to me and taped my mouth shut and he stayed next to me, looking at Alicia, and the 2 other guys with a smirk on his face. They pulled Alicia up to a wall and they took of her chlotes. She stood in her bra only. I started to cry when I saw her thights and wrists. One of them pushed his dick in her without warning. I wanted to hit him so hard now really what is that for a guy??!!! He is hurting her but he's still smiling what the fuck!!! The other guy took her from behind pulling at her hair. She was fully in pain and they were filming her. After 10 minutes hurting her they stopped and Alicia took her clothes back and they took her hands again together in a rope and after that they slapped her in her face and she was blue and red all over her body.


"AND NOW GET AWAY!!!!" The 2 other freaks said and one slapped Alicia at her bum.

And we ran away, away from the nightmare.

"We go to the police right now, I know their car plate and this street so we go now" I said and pulled Alicia closer to me while she was crying very hard.

We walked into the police office and explained everything. We needed to wait for the cops and then they came back with 3 guys. One of them was Alex and the other two I don't know. We walked back home still crying. Alicia stopped and so did I. She turned her face to me and kissed my cheek.

"Thank you for being always here for me." She said and hugged me.

Michaels P.O.V

I woke up and Calum and Alicia weren't home, Calum was going to box but he needed to be here but where's Alicia? I woke the others up and we started to search them. We didn't find them and around 7 in the morning we were back at home. Not long after the door swung open. It was Alicia and Calum. They were both crying and their body's didn't look that healty. Calums eye was blue and his lip was open. Nothing that wrong 'cause he's a boxer but Alicia her body was full blue bruises and her face omg this isn't good. Her clothes were like broken.

"Where were you guys?" Ashton asked

"What happened?" Luke asked

"Did somebody hurt you?" I asked

"Who hurted you sis?!!" Louis said hugging her

Alicia ran upstairs crying and Luke ran after her while Calum explained everything. I felt so sorry for Alicia, she's such a good, friendly, beautiful and perfect girl. Why are all these ad things always happening to her?

After Calum explained everything we went upstairs to Alicia and Luke. They were cuddling. We all sat on her bed and hugged her. We started to sing a song for her so she would feel better.

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