When Everything Changes

This story is about a girl who lost her father in a car crash. She, her stepbrother, her stepfather and Her mother moved to Australia. She has an abusive stepfather.
She has pannic attacks, social anxiety, Borderline, depression and she does self harm.
What will happen when her mother dies? Is she really dead or....?
Everything changes when she's in Australia.
Read this to know what is going to happen!

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27. Belgium(horses)

Alicia's P.O.V

I woke up next to Ashton and Luke. I got up around 8 in the morning and looked at my phone. I've got 3 messages, 1 from Louis, 1 from my mother and the other from Maggie.

Louis' text:

Hey, I miss you so much I wish you were here :( x Lulu

My text to him:

Hey Louis, I really miss you too! X Ali

Maggies text:

Hey bae I'm sorry but can you maybe come over tomorrow because my aunt is commin ovah :(( <3

My text:

Okay bae np see you tomorrow <3

My mothers text:

Hey girl, I hope you're going to have a great time. see you within 2 months! X mom

My text back:

I will. Yeah we'll see eachother.. Watch out for Eric! Xx

I go to the kitchen and make some food and walked to the room. I woke the boys up with a kiss on their cheek and gave them a plate of eggs with bacon.

"Goodmorning" they all said

"Hey, you had a good night?" I asked and then nodded

"Thank you for the food it's really delicious!!" They said

"Don't you eat?" Calum asked

"We know about you eating disorder but you need to eat" Luke said

"I'm not hungry" I said

"Here take a bite" Calum said

"Open up your mouth" he said

I laughed and opened my mouth.

"What are we going to do today?" Ashton asked

"Hmm maybe we can go to..." I said but Michael interrupted me by saying "didn't you're on horseback riding?"

"Yes I am why?"

"Didn't you had your own horse?" Michael asked

"Yes, me and another guy have one horse, its something like half stable, when he can't go to the horse I go and if I can't he go and he just want to help me with taking care but I need to ride it"

"Can we maybe go to the stable?" Michael asked

"Yeah if you want we can" I said smiling

"I-is it a-a big h-h-horse?" Calum asked scared

"Nahh only 1meter77" I said

"Aren't you affraid oh my gosh" Calum said

"No I'm not" I laughed

"If you want we can go now, it's not that far"

"Okay" they said

We took our clothes on, I took my horse riding pants on and we walked to the stables. When we arrived we heard some horses and a man who was shouting at a horse. I thought it was Serge, the boss from the stables. We walked in and saw Gipsy on 2 leggs standing in front of the stables.

"Stay back" I said to the boys and walked up to Serge "what happended?" I asked

"The boy there had a lesson but Gipsy didn't want to come with me and stand on 2 legs, can you help maybe?" Serge explained and asked

"Yes what can I help you with?"

"Just hang her on the long rope and let her draf and galop before Justin, the boy get up. I need to go for 30mins my wife needs me, just let Gipsy do this for some mins and then give the boy his lesson" He said

"Okay" I said and took the horse to the pist. "Justin can you give me that rope please?" I asked

"Here you go" he said "thanks" I said

"Guys come over" I said to 4 boys who stand a km away because they were affraid.

"We're good here" Luke said

"C'mon" I said laughing while I was letting Gipsy in galop. They walked closer.

"Justin come over her but watch out with Gipsy" I said smiling at him, he was like 16 but really friendly.

"Here, take this side of the rope in your left hand and this in the other, let him stay in galop by clicking with you tongue"

"But you stay with me, right?" He asked while I was helping him

"Yes I will" I said "thank you because I never ever dd this before" He said "for everything there's a first time" I said smiling and so did the boys and Justin.

"Now we're going to let him stop by saying: ho hoooh hoo hooooh, in a very soft voice and pull a little bit at the rope with your left hand" I said. Gipsy stopped and I helped Justin on the horse. "How long are you on horseback riding?" I asked "This is my second time" He answered "okay. In a pist you have letters. C, A, B, E, M, F, K, X, H. X is in the middle of the pist. if you are riding a figure you always hear me or Serge saying a letter. An example, ride a circle at C, you need to come under the X. We will do this togheter. Follow me. As you see this is just like a circle how you would make one in maths."

Serge came back and asked if I wanted to go on or he'll take over. I told him to take over because I want to go on a walk with Gucci and the boys. We walked to the stables and the boys stood again really far.

"Come closer he won't eat you" I said laughing

"Yeah but they sometimes bite" Calum said

I opened Gucci's stable and walked out with Gucci behind me.

"Wow he's really high and big" Luke said

"Is he a badass?" Luke asked

"Yeah kind off... He's not so good at listening and standing still. He always want attention but don't always give him what he wants cause then he's going to play really hard with your feeth." I answered Luke's question while brushing Gucci.

Gucci starts to ask attention with his left front leg, he stomps at the ground and things like that. He almost hit me, "HEYYY!!!" I said and hit him in his neck and he stopped for a moment and started again, he almost hit Calum's leg. "GUCCI STOP IT!!" I shouted and hit his leg, not hard."he's hating me" Calum said walking afterwards. "I think I need to learn you what you can and what you can't do" I said to Gucci. "I'm not going to saddle him up then we can sit on him with 2 or maybe 3" I said to the boys. "Uh can somebody help me to get up please" I said and Luke helped me. "Don't walk behind him or he's going to buck" I said smiling. We went outside to a pist and they stood behind hecks. I started to ride a little but I know he's active so I started to galop. It's hard and difficult without saddle but I don't want that the boys get in trouble. If Gucci is a little tired I get off and let 2 boys on Gucci and we are going to walk in the forest.

"So who whats to go on?" I asked and Ashton would like to because he said yes. I walked beside him and gave him some tips how he could sit better but then he told me that he was on horseback riding before.

After a nice day at the stables we decided to go to MC Donalds. When we got back to my appartement we went to bed and fall asleep very soon.

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