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Tyluma Kyynel is a girl. Not any girl. Her name is translated into: Hush Teardrop in two different languages. They aren't human languages(not true to real life). They're Imulan. (Yes that's the race that most of my other characters in other books are but those stories will never cross with this unless I make them) Tyluma is immortal. And she has one message for you readers....

*megaphone voice*
"You...are warned....immortality doesn't give breaks your"

Cover Credit to the one and only:
Crown of Shadownight


2. Last Day On Imula

Hush Chapter 1
Last Day On Imula

"Then get out!" 

My *white* mentor, John screamed at me. I was 18,000 years old. Never a scream from him. NOW I get one?!
"Excuse me?" I asked him.
"Out. If you love the human so much, why don't you just go live on Earth?!" He yelled once more. 
Silence...he think he had won.
He smirked. He really thought he had won. Well he won't expect this!
"I will. I'll quit training and leave." I said quietly as I started to pack.
"No, Tyluma. I'm sorry. I upset." He said trying to apologize. "No. No. I'm going. That's what you and your father want right? To get rid of the *experiment*? The imaginary *runner*?" I looked up at him. "Tyluma, you know how I feel about you." John whispered, trying desperately to trick me. 
"Oh really? You LOVE me?! Define! Define it!" I laughed sarcastically. " never experienced love?" John's eyes widened. "If you think that, why do you think I want to go to Earth? Eh? Eh?!" I shouted. I had enough. I had to get out. The was working. 
 I dropped my bag and stormed out of my room. "Tyluma! Tyluma, wait!" John cried as he ran after me. I ran faster. Out the doors, past my people and on to the teleports. 
"Tyluma! Don't cross that line! You'll break a rule!" Everyone stared. This was the final breaking point. Slowly, I smirked. "Like I haven't already." I ran past the line, paid the ticket man and ran into a teleporter. About five seconds later, I was teleporting to Earth.
Maybe I'll tell you why I wanted to go to Earth...

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