(Trailer credit to HeartBreakGirlTM)

Tyluma Kyynel is a girl. Not any girl. Her name is translated into: Hush Teardrop in two different languages. They aren't human languages(not true to real life). They're Imulan. (Yes that's the race that most of my other characters in other books are but those stories will never cross with this unless I make them) Tyluma is immortal. And she has one message for you readers....

*megaphone voice*
"You...are warned....immortality doesn't give breaks your"

Cover Credit to the one and only:
Crown of Shadownight


1. Intro&trailer

Hi. In case, you're like me and don't read the blurb. Here's my trailer. Credit to HeartBreakGirlTM.



The cover credit is to the only&only Crown of Shadownight.



(im publishing movellas in 2015 like as said in trailer. please watch it. It'll prop make you want to read the book! Just try it, please?)

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