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Tyluma Kyynel is a girl. Not any girl. Her name is translated into: Hush Teardrop in two different languages. They aren't human languages(not true to real life). They're Imulan. (Yes that's the race that most of my other characters in other books are but those stories will never cross with this unless I make them) Tyluma is immortal. And she has one message for you readers....

*megaphone voice*
"You...are warned....immortality doesn't give breaks your"

Cover Credit to the one and only:
Crown of Shadownight


5. Flashback

Chapter 4 Flashback   I was going on a field trip. To Earth. I was so happy! I got to see humans. My best friend, Jen had to hold me down all the way there. As we watched out into the grass field I smiled. This would be fun.      I exited the ship and saw people farming. Children my age, adults and more. Animals? I never saw this! We don't have 'farming'. I was 7. Too young to discover love, you think. But I saw a boy, my age. Black hair brown eyes, lightly tanned skin. He was very cute. Very...very...- "Tyluma, lets go!" Jen, pulled me over to our group. "Fine fine fine!" I laughed. We ran as hard as we could. Jen wasn't a runner, but she could run as fast as I could. She always refused to join the runners. She liked 'time' more.       That night we were discussing what to do with the humans. It was Jen's idea for us to grab a notebook, and talk to them. "And take notes!" One of the boys added. He had a crush on Jen. "Duh, loser." I said to him.      The next day we had to pick the human we wanted to test. Being smart, me and Jen got up when the humans got up so we could have the less boring humans. Of course Jen thought it would be a good idea if we were near each other. So I picked the cute boy and she picked a human closes to me.      As I walked over, I saw the popular girl in my class stare at me before throwing a fit. I smirked. Jen also saw what happened and laughed, catching 'her' human's attention. I watched them talk for a little bit then I sat down, back against a tree the boy was farming at. I started to write down what he looked like, and what I could infer.      It was about an hour. We hadn't said anything to each other. "Hi." I said, looking up at him. "And the girl speaks!" The boy gestured to an imaginary crowd. "I never thought you'd say 'hello'." He smiled at me.  "Sure." "How many other girls wanted to see me?" "I'm starting to think one less." "Really?" The boy sat down next to me. "Why are you sitting next to me? Don't you want a pretty girl next to you?"  "Aren't I already sitting next to one?" He pointed out like it was obvious, which it wasn't. "I'm pretty?" "Yeah. Sure. Aren't I cute to you?" "Wha-what?!!" "I heard you talking to your self about how cute I was. And I'm not cute. I'm...anything but cute!" "Adorable?" "No!" "Well you did say anything other than cute..." I pointed out.    "Oh shut up." "No." "Yes." "No." "I have a huge family. I can do this all day." "I have 17 sisters and 5 brothers. Try me." "All of my cousins are my sisters and brothers. And the other way around." The boy challenges. "Fine. You win." I looked away. "Have you ever won?" He asked feeling guilty.  "It's fine. Don't worry. I'm okay."  "No. I know you're crying." So he hugged me tightly. I looked at the sky. I didn't know they sun went down this quickly. Near by I heard a Imulan song, Hanging Tree. "I have to go." I said getting out of his hug and standing up. He got up also. "May I walk you back?" "I don't think that's safe..." I started walking back. I fell in love...with a human boy. 
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