Everything is Changing

After Amanda loses her parents her and her brother Ashton are forced to move to Australia. After a while Ashton joins a band and Amanda becomes very close to a band member. With things slowly getting out of control it puts Ashton and Amanda's relationship to the ultimate test the question is will there relationship survive?


1. Chapter 1: Waking Up

Authors Note: This is my first fan fiction I hope you like it. Let me know if you want me to update it or if you have any questions. Thanks for reading.

Amanda's POV

I don't remember what happened last night the only thing I remember is waking up here in the hospital. I really wanted to remember what happened last so I started to focus on remembering, but my thoughts were interrupted when a nurse walked in and started asking me a bunch of questions.

She started by asking me what my full name was I quickly answered Amanda Lynn Irwin. She then asked me what the date was. It took me while to answer but I did it is Monday January 12 2014. She then asked me if I felt any pain. I told her the only pain I felt was my leg but when I looked down I saw there was big cast around it. She said the pain I was feeling was understandable. She then asked me about my siblings. That's when I realized I was alone in this great big room with white walls surrounding me and there was no sign of my parents or my older brother Ashton.

I then started to panic. I started to get up and out of bed I had to find my parents and brother I had to know that they were okay . The nurse started to hold me down with all her strength , but I kept fighting her. A couple minutes later a doctor and anther nurse rushed into my room and held me down too. Now I couldn't move no matter how hard I tried I was stuck under three members of the hospital staff. When I finally gave up they let go of me and the nurses then exited the room at the doctors command.

The doctor then asked me if I remembered anything that happened last night. No I said as tears started to roll down my face. I then screamed at the doctor. Why am I here? Where are my parents and brother?

After a few minutes the doctor then told me that I was in a car accident and that my brother was fine and was in anther room. After that she then told me that my parents were gone. The tears started to rush down my face at a more rapid speed.

The doctor tried to comfort me but all I could do was scream. After I calmed down the doctor gave me some pain medication and said she would be in later to check on me she then left the room. I tried to remember again, but I had no luck all I could do was think about my brother. I started to wonder where he was and if he know we were now orphans.

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