My Life

What happens when Red (Ariana) gets a secret envelope from someone from the past? Guess you'll just have to figure it out yourself.


6. The plane ride.

Once we got done packing we looked at when the soonest plane ride there was. 2 hours away. That's the perfect amount of time! "Let's go!" I said and grabbed my 4 huge bags. Hey, a girl needs clothes, hair stuff, makeup, shoes, and necessities'. 


I put my stuff in the back of my car that my mom had gotten me. I was going to drive there and she was gonna ride with so she could drive it back to the house. "I'm going to miss y'all so much!" My mom said to all of us. I hugged her as tight as I could. My mom is one of the best things in my life. "Be careful mom, call me when you get home so I know you got home safe." I said to her. "I should be saying that to you!" she laughed. "FLIGHT 720 NOW BOARDING. FLIGHT 720 IS NOW BOARDING!" a person on the intercom said and everyone rushed to get onto the plane and take our seats.




"FINALLY WE ARE OFF THE DAMN PLANE!" Cheyenne yelled while old people looked at her funny. Dillon is in my arms sleeping. I shushed Cheyenne so she wouldn't wake her child up haha. We walked out of the airport and looked for my name on a sign. "There it is!" Madison yelled. I hit her, she made Dillon almost wake up. "Sorry.." She giggled.


We walked to the man and he asked, "Are you Red?" He didn't seem to believe I was Red haha. "Yes sir I am. Where are we going today?" I asked with a smile on my face. He laughed and said, "we will go to your hotel so you can unpack." he then took my bags so all I had to carry was Dillon. How nice of him!




"Hello gorgeous hotel!" Loretta laughed at what she said. "This place is like a palace man." Ricky said in awh. This hotel really did look like a palace. "This isn't a hotel ma'am's and sir. This is a house that's been passed down to you Miss. Red." The driver, James, said to me and everyone else. "Whoa." Is all I could say.

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