My Life

What happens when Red (Ariana) gets a secret envelope from someone from the past? Guess you'll just have to figure it out yourself.


3. Plane Tickets.

I've always been the person to be strong and always smile. But after my birthday and that card, I haven't been able to smile. I picked the people that are coming with me. I picked Cheyenne (Dillon's mom), Dillon, Ricky (my best guy friend), Loretta (my number one best friend), and my stepsister Madison.


"Where are we gonna go Red?" Ricky asked, he's 19 and has been there for me sense I was 13 I think haha. "I am not 100% sure yet.. I'm still stuck on how I got the tickets", I said to him. He just walked over to me and held me in his arms. You see, me and him are so close that it may seem like we flirt or act like we are in a relationship together, but we really aren't.


"Red, please get to be yourself again, I hate that you're so upset, it makes me upset!" Loretta said, she's been my best friend sense I was 11 and she was 12. She's 18 now. Yes we have our ups and downs, but those downs always make us stronger. She walked over to me and Ricky and sat in my lap trying to make me laugh.


"C'mon Princess, you gotta smile, Dillon is even sad that you're sad", Cheyenne looked at me with pleading eyes as Dillon was struggling to take his nap because of my sadness. Cheyenne and I have been best friends sense I was 10 and she was almost 11. She's almost 18 now with her baby Dillon. Yes, she had him when she was 15, but she knows she made a mistake. She's not letting anyone hurt her or her baby. Yes, she wishes it never happened, but she's happy she got the love of her life (Dillon).


So, I got up and grabbed Dillon from her and sang him to sleep, when he has trouble sleeping, I have to sing to him. We aren't sure why though.

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