My Life

What happens when Red (Ariana) gets a secret envelope from someone from the past? Guess you'll just have to figure it out yourself.


10. Learnig to live with some crazy people.

When I woke up again, Harry wasn't in my room. Oh well, I don't give a fuckkk. I got out of bed and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I went to open the door but it was locked. I leaned into the door and heard the shower running as well as a male singing voice. Harry. He has his own bathroom! Why in the hell is he in mine?


"*BANG BANG BANG* HARRY GET THE HELL OUT OF MY BATHROOM AND SHOWER RIGHT NOW!" I screamed through the door. "But I like your bathroom!" He whined at me. I giggled at him.


He finally came out of the shower with a towel hanging low on his hips. I bit my lip and looked at him. He smirked and said, "Like what you see, love?" I laughed and pushed past him going to brush my teeth. He walked back into the bathroom with me and watched me as I brushed my teeth. Once I was done, I looked at him said, "why are you staring at me when I brush my teeth?" He smirked and said, "You are so adorable." I looked at him like he was on drugs.


"You are so weird!" I giggled while pushing him against the wall and walking away. Well, I tried to walk away. Harry grabbed my waist and pulled me against him. "Would you like to go out for dinner tonight with me?" He asked me with hopeful eyes that I would say yes to him.


"If I have to." I said with a smirk then leaned in and pecked his lips. "Now let me gooooooo!" I laughed while trying to escape his grasp. "Not until you give me a real kiss!" I said with a smirk. I groaned and said, "Fineeeeeeee." I said and leaned in but tricked him and ran off. He yelled, "I'M GOING TO GET YOU FOR THAT, LOVE!" I laughed and ran into Loretta's room trying to hide from him.


"Why are you in my room?" Loretta laughed and looked at me weirdly. "HIDE ME!" I yelled while laughing my ass off.

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