My Life

What happens when Red (Ariana) gets a secret envelope from someone from the past? Guess you'll just have to figure it out yourself.


11. Hide and go seek.

Loretta hid me just in time for her to look like she hasn't seen me. He walked through her door and asked her where I was. She looked at him and said, "She usually hides in the kitchen so then she can at least eat before she runs away from someone." He laughed a little and thanked her while running for the kitchen. That gives me enough time to find another hiding spot.


I ran for the door I saw first. Once I was inside of it, I saw that it was Zayn's room, how do I know that? He was laying on his bed looking at me like I was on drugs. "HIDE ME PLEASE!" I yelled at him. He picked me up threw me in a closet and told me to shut up. So, I did. He closed the door just in time as Harry burst through the door and asked Zayn if I was in there. Zayn looked at Harry with the 'how the bloody hell am I supposed to know' look and went to pick out some clothes. "If you see her, tell me! Thanks lad!" Harry yelled as he ran out the door.


I giggled, walking out of the closet and looked at Zayn. "Thank you so much Zayn!" I said and hugged him. He chuckled and said, "No problem, love" then walked into the closet finding a shirt to wear.


I tiptoed out of his room and ran into another door looking at Ricky. "You want me to hide you, don't you?" He chuckled. "YES YES YES YES YES!" I screamed at him. He put me under his bed and I just laid under it waiting. I heard the door open and close which means Harry walked into the room. I held in my giggle when he said, "Have you seen your wonderful best friend mate?" I could tell Ricky wasn't going to be able to hold in his laughter, so I just got out from under the bed and tried to run past the both of them.


"Where do you think you're going, love?" Harry asked while he grabbed my waist stopping me. Ricky laughed and said, "Sorry princess, couldn't help laughing." I laughed and said, "I'll get you back! Watch your food from now on haha!" He stopped laughing at me and I gave him the 'just kidding' look and tried to get out of Harry's arms.


I laughed when Harry threw me over his shoulder and walked out of Ricky's room. "HEY THERE'S AN ASS IN THE AIR WAITING TO BE SMACKED!" I heard someone say. I flipped myself over Harry's shoulder and looked at the person who said it. Louis. "You even TRY to touch me ass, I will kick your ass." I said with an innocent look on my face while walking to my room.


Harry right behind me.

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