My Life

What happens when Red (Ariana) gets a secret envelope from someone from the past? Guess you'll just have to figure it out yourself.


14. Could it be real?

Could this moment be real?


I grabbed my phone out of my back pocket and decided to take a picture. "Smile Dillon and Harry!" I said while kissing Dillon on the forehead. Right when I took the picture, Harry kissed my cheek then changed his position so that he's also holding Dillon. Once he was ready for the picture, he said something I didn't hear so I turned my head to ask him what he said and then he kissed me, grabbed my phone, and took the picture himself.


"Oooooooooh!" Dillon said while laughing and moving around in mine and Harry's arms.


I laughed and put him down so he could run around.


"You'll be an amazing mother one day, love." Harry whispered into my ear. as I was trying to get Dillon to take a nap for me. Cheyenne had gone out to get some things for the house for everyone. Food, drinks, and also baby things for Dillon.


I smiled then looked at him. "I know I will. But, will you be an amazing father? Let's find out! Put Dillon to sleep!" I said while handing Dillon to him while giggling a little. He chuckled and said, "how hard could it be?" then laid Dillon down.


Dillon was giving Harry the worst time ever. It was comical. I went to the kitchen to get myself something to drink, and when I came back to my room, Dillon was on top of Harry and pulling his hair.


I ran towards them and grabbed Dillon putting him with Ricky. Ricky knows what to do when he's bad without spanking him or putting him in time-out. I told Ricky what Dillon did and left Ricky to do what he does.


"Babe, how can you do that?" Harry asked as I walked back into my room. I giggled and said, "you did better than I thought. Ricky is getting onto him and putting him to sleep." Harry got off of my bed and walked to the kitchen, bringing me with him. "Cook me something." Harry said to me. I laughed and grabbed some pans, shoving them at him and saying, "you're cooking, not me," then jumping up on the counter watching him cook.


I giggled when he tried to feed me but just dropped the food on the floor. "Clean it up Mister." I said to Harry as he was walking away. "Awwww! Do I have to?" He asked in a 'little kid' voice.


I giggled as I watched him pick up his mess. He got done and looked at me like a lost puppy. I motioned for him to come towards me and once he was in front of me......

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