Lost in the Maze

It is always the same, no signs of burglary or crime and it always happens two people on the same night, a girl and a boy. No one knows where they go, and the police do not know how to act. Malia is the school's most popular student, she is smart, handsome and athletic, but no one knows her in real life except her father who is also the towns sheriff.
Dylan lives on the other side of town, his family is leading a mafia orgenisation but he has quit, he solves his problems with violence, and likes to be alone. When these two people disappears the entire city hold its breath, hoping that someone will come back.


1. Chapter One

She took a deep breath and opend her eyes, the darkness surrounding her were cold and alone. She was in box made of wood, not big enough for her to stand up and the only light source was a small hole in the wall. The girl named Maila moved towards the small hole and looked outside. A couple of meters away there was another box and the ground beneath was stone and the light seemed to come from a lamp above her. She backed away and let her hands roam the walls and as her panic in the smal space grew, her heart started beating faster. There was no way out of the box and she still had no ide where she was or how she got there. The sound of her voice slamed against the walls as she started to scream for help. A grounting sound came from the other box and she looked out again. 

"Hello, anyone there?" her voice was hight piched and unsure. Maybe she had imagined the sound, she tought. But seconds later another voice apeard.

"Where am I?" the voice of a guy said. Malia couldn't help the tears running down her cheaks, she wanted to go home, to her father and her dog. She started sobbing.

"I don't know. Please help me out of here. Please help me." she begged. The small space seemed to get smaller and the panic grew. She started breathing faster and started baning on the walls in a desperate try to get out. She felt the pain everytime her fist hit the wall, the blood making its way from her beaten hand down her arm. 

"Hey! Stop that, you are only hurtiung your self." The boy said. He knew he needed to get the girl calm. She kept hitting the box, crying out when she felt the pain and hyperventilate. She felt as if she couldn't breath anymore and started fighting for air. The sound of wood cracking ecoed through the room and footsteps from the boys box were heard.

The boy had kicked the top of his box of and was now helping The girl out. He broke thr box by kicking it and when he finally got through Malia threw her self out of the box and down on the cold floor. She took deep breaths and when she calmed down she turned to the boy. Her voice were small but he heard her clearly. She thanked him over and aver still not abel to se his face. 

The boy looked down at the girl with the messy brown hair and the green eyes. He recognized her, he had seen her in the school, she used to hang around with the popular kids, while he used to keep him to himself. He looked around the room that was mostly empty. There were the boxes they had been in, a lamp and a small table. He looked down at the girl again trying to remember her name. 

"You are Malia, right? I've seen you in school." He said. She nodded and stood up. She too looked around the room, taking in all the details and information she could find. 

"Yes, I am.." she confirmed. Her eyes looked at the boys face, she recognized him to. His brown messy hair, his jaw lines and facial structure was hard to forget, and his brown eyes. 

"You are Dylan, right? We have english together." she paused and waited for him to confirm that she had the right name wich he did by nodding his head. "Do you know how we got here?" she asked. Dylan shook is head and ran a hand through his hair and sighed. 

"No, the last thing I remember war going to sleep in my house. I have no ide where we are." he said. Malia looked around again, this time she saw an opening in the wall in the corner. Dylan followed her eyes and saw the same thing. They looked at eathother and hurried over. The opening was just big enought for them to come trought. Dylan squated down on the floor and looked trought. On the other side there was a long coridor that seemed to keep going behind a corner. He climbed trough and waited for Malia to come too. 

Malia stood up beside him and took a hard hold around his hand, it was clear that she was afraid. They started walking and as the walked around the corner the coridor split in 3 diffrent directions, they keept walking straight, not knowing where they where going. 

After walking for ten minutes in the dim light and turning many times they came back to the place they started. Malia looked at Dylan, the rear in her eyes grew. 

They kept walking doing different turns and as the time went they grew tierd.

"We are never going to get out of here.." Malia said sliding down on the floor. Dylan sat down next to her.

"You dont know that, we are going to make it. You just got to have a little faith." He said, not beeing sure of his own words.

"No we are not. evry month two people have dissepeard for a year and none of them have come back. None. The police have no idea where they could have gone. My dad don't have time to sleep couse he is trying to tind them and now we are gone to.." Malia started sobbing. Dylan didn't know what to do, he put an arm around her and kept her close till she calmed down.

"My mother died when I was five, she had canser. After that my dad and my brothers joined a gang. I didn't want to be a part of that, so I got my own place when I turned nineteen. I don't have mutch family to go back to.." He said. Malia sat up and looked at him. 

"My mother also died of canser, leukemia." she said. She met Dylans light brown eyes and smiled sadly. 

After they walked for a few more houres they realised wather was pumping out of the floor in fast speed, they couldnt se where the wather came from but it was deffinetly from the floor. When the wather reached their knees they started running. They got to a dead end and by now the wather reached there necks. They looked around but it seemed hopless.

"Hey! This way!" A male voice said. They looked up, where the voice came from. A boy with brown hair and blue eyes reached down a hand to help them up. Malia took it first and Dylan helped her, then Dylan climbed up on his own. As the boy who helped them started walking into a new coridor they hurried after.

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