just stuff

im not the most devoted writer, I prefer to write short thing than don't need much commitment, so im gonna every so often use this to write a little drabble type thing.


2. how i hate you

**third person POV**

Kitty sat down in front of the mirror and brushed her long, blue hair, sure she was about to got to bed, but she had nothing better to do. Kitty was an only child and she lived with her mother and step-father. but she lived in a duplex, and in the other side was another only child, Gideon, he lived with his father and step-mother. you'd think the two of them would be best friends, but they are not, they hated each other, you could almost say they loathed each other.


**Kitty's POV**

I watched my mirror slightly shake as Gideon stomped around his room on the other side of the wall, l watched my reflection, the vibrations making the surface of my pale skin ripple. I pulled out my hair ties and pulled my naturally blue hair pack into a ponytail. I heard Gideon throw something, it hit the wall dividing out rooms shaking the whole wall, and knocking down the only present I've ever gotten from my dad, a beautiful glass penguin figure, it smashed on impact with the floor. I shot up from the stool in front of my mirror and running out onto the balcony, I jumped the wall between mine and his and I slammed open the door that he always left unlocked,
"what is you problem?" I yelled at him,
"its none of your bloody business he roared back,
"you're breaking stuff in my room, it is my business"
"you don't understand, you wouldn't understand"
"I think I have right to know"
"you want to know what a real life is like"
"i want to know why you're breaking my stuff" I yelled, he grabbed the front of my shirt and slammed me against the wall, I heard a shattering noise, "that was my mirror" I screeched
"get out" he yelled at me,
"i cant get out if you're holding me against a wall" I retorted,
"no, get out of my head"
"what?" I looked shocked,
"i hate you so much" he growled in my ear, I shivered.
"please get off me" I whispered, a smirk spread across his face, then he leant down and pressed his lips against my, I think my brain just shut down because I found myself responding, the both my mum and his dad opened the door and just looked at us, I tried to push him off me, but he wouldn't let go. our parents shut the door and I heard my mum laughing triumphantly, "Gideon?" I asked,
"mmmhm" he looked up at me, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me close to him,
"i think our parents wanted us to get together"
"maybe" he whispered returning his lips t mine, and I just melted into his hold.

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