just stuff

im not the most devoted writer, I prefer to write short thing than don't need much commitment, so im gonna every so often use this to write a little drabble type thing.


3. bag of ants

The girl beside me screamed. I looked up to see what the matter was, I followed her gaze to my bag, I was confused as to why my bag was a problem, then I saw it, there were ants in it. Ben had spilt his ant farm. I picked up my bag and walked out of music class,
"stupid ants, im gonna kill him" I muttered as I shook my bag getting all the ants out. The bell rang for lunch just as I was throwing my food in the bin. wondering over to where I sit at lunch I heard a voice,
"Kelly, over here" it was James, I walked over to where he was and sat down beside him, "got any food" he gave me a cheeky look,
"No" I sighed, "Ben 'accidently' spilt his ants in my bag"
"oh" he looked around, and then leaned next to my ear, "how about we go get you some food then" he winked and started to walk away, I smiled and quickly caught up with my boyfriend.

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