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6. angels&airwaves-AngelHazel

Angels and airwaves-Angel Hazel

[Verse 1:]

If you’re contemplating suicide, this is for you

See this is for the moments when ya alone and with emotion

So fucking bored leaves you mentally frozen

When ya cold and alone heart open and broken

When that loves outta sight and your hearts into focus

When ya floating in oceans hopeless soaking in misery

Headphones on you link yourself with the synergy

When you watch your mind and ya lost in a song, be strong

You are not alone, I just want you to know you are not alone


There's angels in the airwaves tonight

And I've been running all of my life

And I need you to stay, I need you to stay

Angels in the airwaves tonight

[Verse 2:]

This for all the moments when your weakness is your cloak

And people you love most just beat you to a pulp

When you cut open your wrist looking for loving and slits

But find nothing but self hate cause nothing exists

See this for all the moments when they don't understand

And they ain't where you stand

And they can't comprehend

They just staring from the outside

And then they judging your in, when they

Kick you and beat you and hurt you then leave you

Laying on the ground like you half and they equal

Gladly defeat you then laugh to your face

When you feel all alone, when ya so outta place

They can't relate to this pain

They don't feel how I feel

[Bridge 1:]

So don't get lost tonight

Never let the ignorance cost ya life

You can make it, keep ya fingers crossed tonight

Put your headphones on and turn off the lights


[Verse 3:]

When the girl that you love won't look in your direction

When the guy you like adds you to his fucking collection

When you all dressed in black

And they whisper and snicker

When they make you feel wrong for being so different

This for everybody who knows what it is

To feel like nothing but a memory that won't be relived

That this the fucking shit that everyone forgets

The words on the tip of tongues that gets swallowed with the spit

See I know how it feels

I've been there before

I had head in my hands and my heart on the floor

I've been worthless and shattered

I've been nothing to people

I know what it is to have to force them to see you

[Bridge 1:]

[Bridge 2:]

I've been running now

I'm outta here today

I've been running now

Questioning my faith [x2]

There's angels in the...

[Verse 4:]

So when you feel so invisible you're not even sure you exist

So you cut yourself open just to see if you real

You numb yourself with drugs just to hide what you feel

You drink the washed up pain in hopes of rejecting it afterwards

You live everyday wishing you could rewind your life backwards

Because you wanna figure out where the fuck you went wrong

Cause everything in your world ain't been right for so long

I know how it feels

So this is for you

If you're thinking it now

If you're wanting to die

If you're thinking it out

You are so much more than you are in this moment

You never know how great you can be

Don't give up on you

I didn't gave up on me

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