adjective: invincible
‘too powerful to be defeated or overcome.’
"an invincible warrior"


1. 1.Pendent

I watched as the rain droplets skidded slowly downwards along the car window. This had become the usual routine. Ever couple of months we'd move for an unknown reason. This had basically been my life. I never got a chance to know my parents because they died whilst I was the ripe age of two. Since then, I was raised by my butler, Claus. He was the one who took me in when my parents died and swore to look after me. My parents were quiet wealthy and left their remaining expenses in their will for me. Since the age of five I came to realization that there was something not normal about me. When I was angry my hands would begin to heat up to an abnormal high temperature and other times become ice cold. At one time this jerk, Lewis from my old school chucked a rock hard apple at my head during lunch but I had this strange sense which made me automatically turn around and grab it before it hit me and I chucked the fruit back at Lewis which caused the apple to hit him straight in the chest causing him to fall over and into a short-term coma which caused my expulsion. That was only in the sixth grade.

My thoughts where interrupted by the car coming to a sudden halt in the driveway of our new house. It was much larger than I expected. Hard to believe only two people were going to live here. "Home sweet home'' Claus murmured I rolled my eyes at his statement, this was not home. We have no home. I unbuckled my seat belt and exited the vehicle. The air felt damp due to the recent rain activity. I took in my surroundings and that's when I noticed her. There she was. Sitting on a chair, on her front porch whilst reading a book. I swear she took my breath away. She had a dark complexion and long, black, wavy hair. She noticed my stare so I quickly looked away hiding my now red face. Claus noticed and looked the direction I was looking not long ago and smirked. "Someone has a little crush huh?" "Pfft no" I replied whilst quickly changing the subject. "So the furniture is already installed?" I asked "Yes, we just need to sort out our luggage that's all" Claus chucked the keys to in my direction. I caught them no problem what-so-ever due to my strange reflexes. I walked towards the door and unlocked it then went back to help Claus with the luggage.


I dropped my luggage and observed my new room, it was large with a king sized bed in the center against the wall, a desk with a computer was to the left of my bed and two doors where situated on the other side of my room, one leading to my en-suite and the other to my closet. I walked towards my bed and fell back onto it. The image of that beautiful girl circled around in my head. How could someone be so perfect? I had to find a way to get to know her. The sound of the ringing doorbell drew me away from my daze. I stood up and ran a finger through my curly, chestnut colored hair then made my way downstairs towards the door.


My breath hitched in my throat as I saw who was standing at my front door, it was the girl alongside an older looking woman. '' Hi I’m Jen and this is my daughter Brooklyn" Jen nudged Brooklyn who was now looking at the ground. "Hi" she said handing me a plate of freshly made cookies "Welcome to the Highlands" Her voice was so soft; she was also shorter than I thought she looked about 5'3. "Thanks, I’m Harry" "And I’m Claus" I almost jumped out of my skin was he there that whole time? "Would you guys like to come in" Claus offered "I'm off to work right now but I’m sure Brooklyn here would like to meet the new neighbours “ Her head suddenly whipped in her mother’s direction she frowned at her mother and gave her an 'I don't even know these people are you crazy?!' type of look which I admit looked kind of cute. Her mother bid us adieu but I guess Brooklyn didn't want to be rude so she came in.


"Nice place you got here" she said arms folded while gazing around the room "Thanks, how long have you lived in the highlands" I asked wanting to start a not so awkward conversation. "Ever since I was 4" “How old are you now?” I questioned “17” “That’s cool” I replied She followed me upstairs and into my room.

"Holy shit" she exclaimed. "What is it?" I asked in curiosity as I set down the cookies on my bed. "Your window gives you access to a direct view of my room" she said wide eyed. I hadn't noticed the window before. It could come to good use. "Don't worry I’m not going to perv on you" I laughed in hysterics at her assumption "And how do I know that" she smirked as she walked closer to me. Something caught my eye, it lay on her chest. Was this even possible? I felt my chest for my pendent and it was still there.

"Um... Brooklyn, where did you get that necklace" "Oh this ol' thing, my real parents left it with me" What did she mean real parents? I guess she sensed my confusion. "Harry, I’m adopted. Plus why do you care about my stupid necklace" I reached into my shirt and took out the matching pendent.

"Because I have the same one, given to me by my parents too"

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