2. chapter 2

"Hey Cal, meet me @ the park. you know which one... love you. Em Xx" I text Calum to meet me so I can tell him I'm pregnant. Hes a dependable person, so I know he'll show up."I'll be there Emmi, love you too baby. see ya there." He text back. I'm so not ready for this.

"Hey Emma!" I looked over to see Calum standing by the swings. I got off the park bench and walked toward him. He kissed me and I giggled. "Sit on the swing Cal, I have to tell you something." He sat down, with a worried look on his face. "We forgot to use protection, Calum." I said as tears started to fall from my eyes "I'm going to have a baby. Your baby, and I want you to be in their life, so please please please don't leave me baby." I said, now sobbing "Emily, you know I will never leave you." Tears now falling from his eyes. "I know," I said. "We'll make it through this together, Calum. Always." 

//Calums POV//

|||2 weeks later|||


"Time to choose names!" Emma yelled at me. I walked downstairs, taking the last drink from my beer and sitting at the table. "Girls first." I said. "Okay. I was thinking Abigail, Madison and Taylor." Emma said "I was thinking Gabriella, Hazel and Marie." I said. "HEY GUYS WHAT ARE YOU DOING????" Luke and Michael walked in yelling. "Picking out baby names." I said "OH YOU GOT HER PREGNANT DID YOU HAVE FUN" Ashton followed by yelling. "Do you mind?" I asked. Ashton rolled his eyes and said normally "You're no fun. If you guys want to keep living with me, you have to be fun okay?" I nodded and he headed upstairs

We chose names for girls and boys. If we are having a boy, Tyler Michael Hood, if we are having a girl, Taylor Hazel Hood. 

We've been living with Ashton for the past 2 weeks and we are looking for a house now. I'm 18 and Emma is 17 why why the fuck not? 

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