1. chapter 1

*beep beep*

My phone is going off and it's only 6am. And Saturday.

"What Calum?! You know I'm still sleeping."

"Can I come over?" He asked

"N- wait, why?"

"Because my mom isn't home and I need someone to talk to."



"Come on over"

I sat outside in sweatpants and a sweatshirt.

He pulled up in the driveway.

"I'm coming to your house. Let's drive back."


We started driving toward Calum's house.

We walked in the door and started watching "The Sitter"

He looked into my eyes, his brown eyes are perfect.

He leaned over and kissed me.

Never in a million years did I think this would happen.

I've had a crush on my best friend Calum since 7th grade. Now we're in 12th.

He slipped his tongue in my mouth and deepened the kiss.

"Have I ever told you, h-how much I wanna fuck you Emily?" Calum laughed.


"Let me show you then!"

He rolled on top of me and took my shirt off, then my bra.

He brought his mouth down and started sucking my left breast, making me moan loud.


"You like that?"

He took off his shirt, then took off my pants, leaving me in my lace red panties.

I slid off his jeans.

He went down and bit the trim of my panties.

"Stop you fucking tease"


He hook off my panties and I took off his boxers. He lined himself up with my entrance and slammed into me making me moan his name. "CALUM!"

He let himself out and slammed back in. Then letting me adjust.

"Cal I-"

"I know baby, me too"


We woke up the next morning, holding me close to him.

"Shit, Calum, I have to go, my mom will be worried"

Calum slowly woke up, sliding on pants and a shirt, I did the same.

"FuCK!!!" Calum yelled.


"We forgot, Mali is here"

"I heard you guys!" She yelled

"Oh CAL!!" she said mimicking me. "Enjoy your first fuck Calum?"

"Haha. Funny" Cal said sarcastically.

He drove me home and I ran in the door, realizing we didn't use protection.

Damn it.


Moms going to fucking kill Calum. Then me.

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