Once In a Lifetime

Marie just wants people to accept her for who she is. Being an underground artist is hard when your whole world is crashing down on you. Her only hope is to lose her dignity and put on her big girl shoes to face the world as Zayn Malik's fake girlfriend. Who is crazy enough to deny this once in a life time opportunity? Marie is.


1. Soul Seller

"Do I really have to do this?" I questioned my manager, Rick, about my upcoming actions.

"Do you want to be a star?" His left hand swayed back and forth as he spoke.   

"Yes! But--"    

"Listen here Marie, I have connections that will make you an overnight sensation. You have been singing for how many years without making it big?" He walked over to his bottles of fine liquor in his office and fixed himself a drink.   

"Four." I stared off into space, while he added fuel to the fire that was building up inside me with his hurtful words.   

"You have not gotten anyone's attention and that's for a fact. Don't take me wrong but you need to... Spice it up a bit..." Rick pointed to my attire, a large sweater with jeans and combat boots.  

"So I have to dress skimpy to get famous?" I rolled my eyes  

"Yes and yes," he took a sip of his drink

"I have been in this business for 25 years and you're the only client I haven't slept with, keep in mind that I like ya kid, that is why I'm doing this for you!"  

"Why can't people just like me for um how do I say this... Me?" I kept my sass level high.  

"You're lyrics are beautiful as is your voice but people don't care for that in the mainstream world" he sat in big leather his chair behind his desk.  

"I don't even tolerate One Direction! Their fans are going to hate me right away! They can smell bullshit from a mile away! Didn't you see what happened with Taylor Swift!" I raised my voice and got up from my seat ready to leave.  

"Your mom isn't going to recover fast enough to see you make it to the top by being you Marie. She will recover and see you up on stage at concerts with full health if you accept going out with Zayn Malik and being One Directions opening act..." Ricks voice softened as he put his drink down.  

My chest felt like it was going to explode with this pressure put on me.

"Fine. I'll do it for my mom. Only for her I'll make a complete full of myself but don't you dare ever play that card on me again you hear me Rick!" I stomped over to his desk and signed the contract that has been on his desk ever since my mom had been diagnosed.   

As soon as I set the pen down, it felt like I had just sold my soul to the devil. 



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