Once In a Lifetime

Marie just wants people to accept her for who she is. Being an underground artist is hard when your whole world is crashing down on you. Her only hope is to lose her dignity and put on her big girl shoes to face the world as Zayn Malik's fake girlfriend. Who is crazy enough to deny this once in a life time opportunity? Marie is.


2. Shopping

"I did it mom..." I sat next her while she was in her hospital bed unconscious.

"We gotta go in 5 minutes Marie.." Rick stood at the door of the room.

"I'm going to make you proud momma don't you worry. Even though it's a big sacrifice" I slowly walked away from my mother. I don't know if she can hear me or not but hopefully she did. I'm doing this for her and I'll do anything for her.

My steps varied down the large hospital hallway to see patients with bigger problems than my mom. This made me feel better yet sad for all the strangers that are suffering.

"Wow you didn't take that long" Rick walked beside me as we made our way to his car. "So how's she doing"

"The doctor said there hasn't been any progress or anything bad. She's just laying there." I opened the car door and sat down in the passenger seat.

"This will be a piece of cake baby girl, don't you worry," Rick drove "are you ready?"

"Ready as I'll ever be.."
"Change your attitude," Rick turned to turned to face me "you are going to be as big as these boys are and make as much money as them."

"Just on time!" A tall sophisticated woman got up from her seat. I made eye contact with Zayn. It's so weird seeing someone who's been on your cousins pillow case in person.

"Hi I'm-well you already know" Zayn got up to shake my hand.

"I'm Marie, nice to meet you!" I faked a smile.

"So, Marie is going to spend the summer with the guys on tour and live with them in their house in California until their finished writing their fourth album. She'll get signed to the record label and bam! She's set!" The lady smiled excessively.

"So you can sing? I've heard" Zayn asked

"Well that's the only reason I'm here..." I stayed quiet. It's going to suck being away from my mom.

"Okay Zayn for the first public putting your going to take Marie out shopping" The lady them hand me a debit card. "Have fun!"
"I should shop first then we will both walk around for ten minutes after I'm finished to get attention" I awkwardly got out of the car.

"Sounds good but what am I supposed to do in the mean time?" Zayn looked straight at me.

"Go take a nap, I'll call you." 

"Type your number in my phone" 

"See you in a bit" I made my way to the big crowded mall and just imagined how it's going to be after im seen with Zayn. 

This may be the last time I'm able to shop in peace. At least for my last time it's going to be a shopping spree.

After 6 hours of shopping and making trips back to the car to leave my bags I woke Zayn to accompany me.

"How did no one notice you sleeping?" I broke the silence.

"I was under a large amounts of lady shopping bags, so that helped." He laughed.

We walked into Macy's and saw the One Direction perfume display.

"That's so weird and wicked at the same time..." Zayn walked to the big picture of his face on the display.

"Would you like to sample-- YOU'RE ZAYN AHH!" The girl that was working there dropped the bottle of perfume and it cracked on the floor bringing the attention to us. Here it goes.

"Mom! Look it's Zayn!"
"What? Zayn's finally out?!"
"I need to text my friends!"

"Marie look" Zayn showed me a text on his phone from his manager reading "No one is noticing Marie! Hug her! Do something!"

"Let me just take pictures with fan for a couple of minutes then we'll walk out" 

After twenty minutes of photobombing almost every picture that Zayn took with a fan we finally walked out.

We went out the exit to find around thirty paparazzi waiting for us. I turned around to Zayn and he kissed me out of no where. Our lips stayed locked for a good five seconds until I pushed him off me. 

"What do you think--" I nearly screamed.

"Fake it remember" He said under his breath.

"Wow! Thanks guys! These pictures are worth around a thousand dollars each!" One of the photographers exclaimed.

"Let's go"
"What did you buy?" Zayn asked

I stayed quiet since he kissed me out of no where and I didn't want him to.

"Yay we are here!" I somehow managed to carry all of my shopping bags without Zayns help.

"Where's the bus?" I asked Zayn as he caught up with me.

"Around the back, are you okay?" 

"No I'm actually not," I turned to him "you kissed me without my consent!"

"But I'm Zayn Malik, you wanted this didn't you?" He laughed

It took me every bone in my body to not scream "NO I DON'T WANT THIS BUT I HAVE TO FOR MY MOM"

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