The rest is up to you know

This book has a different chapter per story. there are stories from different points of view. boys, girls, either. they are all are about something different. there is none the same.

the point of this books is that at the end of each story, you are meant to think up of what will happen next; it means that i wont quite finish it so that you can imagine the rest because; The rest is up to you know


2. Tomorrow:

“Oh my God Mac, your making my cheeks hurt.”

I walk down the street with my friend Amanda. We met each other on the same bus at the beginning of the year. She goes on the same bus to dance as do I home.

I look over my shoulder at her, and smile my normal goofy smile and run out across the road of the back street.

“Mac, I never laugh this much with anyone, not even my other friends.” She says between laughs.

I skip down the street path with my hands flexed and feet whirling around randomly. She laughs so hard she can breathe.

“Amanda!? AMANDA!? ARE YOU ALRIGHT?” I ask she has covered her face and shaking slightly.

“I’m…..fine…..” she says trying to breath. “I’m just laughing” she says showing her face again, which has a huge smile on it.

I sigh, “I thought you were dyeing”

We finally reach my street, and we look at each other, then we run. (I live in an apartment with my mum.) We race to the button on the wall near the door. I run hard but she is beating me. She reaches out and presses the 7 button.

“I WIN!” she yells.

I wait for my mum to unlock the door, when it opens we say goodbye,

“See ya tomorrow Mac!” she calls as she walks to her dance school, just around the corner.

“Bye” I call, then I run up the stairs and in to my room. If I look out my window, I get to watch Amanda walk down the block, I watch her hair sway as her legs swiftly move in a repetitive fashion. I can’t wait till:


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