The rest is up to you know

This book has a different chapter per story. there are stories from different points of view. boys, girls, either. they are all are about something different. there is none the same.

the point of this books is that at the end of each story, you are meant to think up of what will happen next; it means that i wont quite finish it so that you can imagine the rest because; The rest is up to you know


1. That Girl:

This is the first story for this book, i hope you like it:


She sits across the room from me.

I wish I had the balls to talk to her, but I don’t.

My teacher asks her a question to do with our subject. Health.

I hate Home Ec, my class is so boring, except for her.

When she answer the question she smiles and answers it polity and correct.

Her smile. I think I might faint. I feel all light headed.

I look down at my page trying to get my mind to work again.

I look up and notice she is look directly at me, I can’t help but stare.

She gives me one of her priceless smiles and then looks back at her page.

I feel my insides go all squishy. I feel like I’m melting.

I look at the clock, 5 minutes till the end of the lesson and the day all together.

I look at her again, and all I can think is that there is so many words in the English language, and not one of them if able to describe how amazing she is.

I can’t concentrate to what my teacher is saying, it all blurred.

The time feels like it is in slow motion.

I finally hear the sound I have been looking for, the bell.

Everyone rises and leaves, but I lag behind because she is still at her desk writing something.

I walk past her and towards the door.

I have been wanting to ask her out since I first saw her.

I don’t know if I can ask her though, what will she say?

I turn around at the door and look at her, she is gathering up her stuff.

Knows my chance, I may never get it again.

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