The rest is up to you know

This book has a different chapter per story. there are stories from different points of view. boys, girls, either. they are all are about something different. there is none the same.

the point of this books is that at the end of each story, you are meant to think up of what will happen next; it means that i wont quite finish it so that you can imagine the rest because; The rest is up to you know


3. Shits gonna go down:

I waltz down the halls.

The bell hasn’t gone yet so people are crowding the halls still.

I’ve got my Black high-tops, dark blue ¼ tracks, and my loose purple crop-top on. My hair is tied up in a high pony tail with a glittery purple ribbon. Is the first day of being a year 10.

As I waltz down the halls I get wolf whistles from guys, I wink back at them and smirk. Their reactions were priceless. I also get whispers from snooty girls who wear too much makeup and dress in short skirts that don’t even cover there bum. I just flick my ponytail and face the other way.

I see my best mates at the end of corridor 3.

Bizy, CJ (AKA; Chloe Johnson), Caramel, Hayden, and Gus. We are all in the Hip Hop squad for our school.

I run the rest of the way to them.

“Sup guys?” I ask as I high five them all.

“Nothin Much. You?” Caramel asks.


We walk down the hallways together in our triangle formation. We are known as the cool kids. I guess we kinda are. Im the leader of our squad so im the front point, to my left is Caramel then Hayden, to my right is Gus then Bizy. In the middle gap is CJ.

We waltz down the halls together stepping and moving at the same time, like we always do.

Suddenly a new year 8 steps out in front of me, I stop and the others stop behind me. People around us gasp and whisper. People don’t normally get in our way because ya know, were the cool kids and all.

I just stand there and look at this kid in front of me. He is about a head smaller than me, he has medium brown hair and hazel eyes. He looks at me with a smirk.

“Sup kid?” I ask playing it cool.

“names Flynn.” He says. 

“Almond.” I say.

“cool name.”

“Thanks.” I hiss the s on the end.

He looks me up and down and then smirks at me again.

“well Flynn, ive gotta go, so..?”

“im not moving.” He states straight at my face.

“Why not.” I spit at him, losing my temper.

“Because. Just go around me.”

“we never go around people. People go around us.”

“well here’s to a new challenge.” He says pretending to raise a glass.

“Listen her kiddo,” I says completely losing my patience with him. “Were the squad team for this school, we are the popular kids here. Were older, and smarter and if I was you I would move your ass now or shits gonna go down.” I’m not the person to lose my temper but this was different. i hardly swear too.

Everyone went silent. All you can hear is the ticking of the clock in to hallway. Everyone is holding their breath…

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