The rest is up to you know

This book has a different chapter per story. there are stories from different points of view. boys, girls, either. they are all are about something different. there is none the same.

the point of this books is that at the end of each story, you are meant to think up of what will happen next; it means that i wont quite finish it so that you can imagine the rest because; The rest is up to you know


4. Don't Sink:

I put my goggles on and tie my hair up in a high ponytail.

I walk down to the edge of the pool and sit on the side with my feet hanging in the water.

I hear laughing coming from behind me and I turn around, the boys from my level are all standing around each other by the edge of the other pool. I’m going in the deep one, the boys are near the shallow one.

I ignore them and slide into the pool, I then lay on my back and begin doing back stroke to the other end.

Once I reach the other side I turn around and come back.

I reach the wall and hold the edge, resting my legs and arms.

I look over at the shallow pool and notice the boys haven’t gone in yet. There are 3 boys; one is short and has dark brown hair, another has light brown hair and is the tallest and the last one is blonde and medium height. These boys go to my school and I see them quite often, just we don’t really talk. I have had a crush on the blonde one for 2 years now and I still haven’t told him.

I get out the pool and sit on the edge again.

Suddenly 2 hands push me into the pool, I suck in a breathe before I hit the water and hold my breath. I have practiced this sort of thing in my swimming lessons. I curl up in a ball and float up to the surface, I bob on the surface for about 30 seconds. Just then I feel bubbles, splashes and movement around me so I untuck myself and take my head out of the water.

I look around and notice the boys from my school are swimming next to me. I laugh and they look at me, I smile and splash them, the tall one splashes me back. Suddenly all the boys are splashing me all at once so instead of splash back I duck dive and swim under them and come up the other side, they are looking around for me so before they notice me I duck under the water I breath out half way so I sink like a stone and slide in underneath them. They look around and finally give up, they begin to splash each other. I can hold my breath for a long time, so I swim up until I am about 1 meter underneath them.

I laugh to myself as I get a great idea.

I carefully wrap my arms around one leg of each boy, lucky they are right next to each other now. I don’t touch them till my hands link, then I hold as tight as I can and blow all of the bubbles out of my mouth. I sink quickly, so let go as soon as the boys heads go under the water so they don’t freak. I begin to swim up because I need to breathe, I swim up till I hit the surface, and I suck in the biggest breath and laugh at the boys. There normal flicked up hair styles are now flat against their heads.

The boys laugh too, then the blonde one grabs my hands and winks at me. I smile and blush slightly. He then let’s go of one hand and pegs his nose, he is gonna go under.

I peg my nose too with my free hand and we sink together till about a meter of water is above us. He lets go of his nose and so do I. I smile. He smiles back.

He then grabs my hips and pulls me towards him and I starts to freak out a little. What is he doing to me?

He looks at me dead in the eyes, smirks then winks. He then brings his face closer, closer, till our lips touch. Sparks fly and fireworks go off. I smile and press into the kiss, he does too...

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