Brooke is like any normal 13 year old girl, kind of. She's blonde, pretty, and has the bluest eyes you've ever seen. And also, Katy Perry absolutely loves her. They met when she was 5 but the pop sensation never forgot the blue eyes little cutie. 8 years later Brooke gets a special surprise for her birthday, and Katy gets a 13 year old birthday present. These two inseparable "sisters" have to deal with Brooke's new fame and Katy's Prismatic World Tour.


5. Chapter 5

Katy’s P.O.V.

“Happy birthday beautiful!” Ari said hugging me. I hugged her back and smiled.

“Thanks ari. Can you wait here for a minute, I need to go get some other girls and talk to you guys.” I asked her and she nodded, walking over to the table in the corner. I scanned the room looking for, Jessie J., Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and my sister. I went around finding each of them and sent them over to the table. I went over with my sister and everyone was standing there.

“Okay girls, there is this girl in the hotel names Brooke.” I paused and turned to jen, “Jen you met her. Well anyways, it’s her birthday too, and her mom said we can sneak into the room and surprise her. And we can take her out around town for the night. She’ll be so excited.”

“Yeah, you’ll be taken aback by how pretty she is. She’s 15 right?” Jennifer asked.

“No… uh she turned 13 today.” I answered.

“Wow that must have been a lot of make-up then.” Jen commented.

“Actually she wasn’t wearing any. She just has very big boobs.” I said emphasizing the ‘very.

I said goodbye and thanked everyone for the awesome party, and we all went to the elevator. Soon enough we were standing in front of her hotel suit door.

“We have to be quiet, so we can surprise her.” I told them before slowly turning the handle to the room. We slowly walked in and to her room, I peered in and she was under the covers facing the window. We all walked in and surrounded the bed. I climbed on beside her and her eyes flew open.

“Holy crap!” She whisper shrieked and then she saw it was me and calmed down. “What are you doing here?”

“We are here to break you out.” I teased. “Nah we are here to take you out, get ready.”


Brookes P.O.V

I climbed out of bed and flicked the lamp on and that’s when I noticed everyone else.

“Whoa, hello.” I said and everyone was staring at me.

“Girls, this is Brooke. Brook this is Arianna Grande, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Jessi J, and my sister, Angela. You’ve already met Jennifer.” Katy introduced and each of them hugged me while I was silent in shock. I couldn’t believe I was going to be hanging out with all of these amazing people.

“Uh, I’ll go brush my hair, I don’t know what to wear though.” I said nervously.

“Oooh! Don’t worry about it!” Arianna said excitedly, “Let us pick it out.”

“Thank you Arianna.” I smiled at her.

“Call me Ari sweetheart.”

I nodded and walked to the bathroom to comb my hair, it was still curly and long. I walked back to my room and there was an outfit lying on the bed.

“Go put this on!” Katy said pushing me towards the walk in closet. I closed the closet door and stripped out of my pj’s and looked at the outfit, there was a full length mirror in the closet. I put the outfit on and admired it in the mirror.


I walked out of the closet and Taylor gasped.

“That’s so cute!” Rihanna said smiling at me. I blushed nervously and it was kind of an awkward silence.

“Let’s go then?” Katy asked.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“Surprise.” They all said.

I followed them out and they all basically formed a circle around me as we were walking. I noticed all of them sneaking glances as me a lot and I felt pretty over whelmed and nervous. I don’t understand why they keep looking at me. I ran to the front of the group beside Katy.

“Why does everyone keep staring at me?” I whispered to her. She turned around.

“Guys stop staring at her it’s freaking her out.” Katy laughed.

“Sorry.” They all murmured.

“You’re just really pretty.” Rihanna said.

“And you have really big boobs.” Arianna said.

I blushed and turned back to the front. I didn’t know what to say

“We’re here Katy whispered as we all stopped in front of a rundown theatre. Not a movie theatre but a theatre. A guard came out and opened the gates for us greeting each of the singers and Katy’s sister. He smiled at me as I walked through the gate. Katy flicked on the lights and the whole theatre lit up. It was actually really pretty, with red velvet seats and a big Broadway looking stage, on the stage was a microphone on a stand. Katy walked up onto the stage and I took a seat with the rest of the girls.

Katy spoke into the mic, “Happy birthday Brooke!” She said and everyone cheered.

“Happy birthday Katy!” I yelled back and she laughed.

“I’m goingrthday.” to sing you a very happy birthday.”

“You already did!” I called back and she laughed and smirked.

“Well then I guess you’re gonna come up here and sing me a very special birthday.” She said and jumped off the stage as the other girls began pushing me up. I tried to resist but there was too many of them. I stood up on the stage and grabbed the mic.

“Uhm,” I cleared my throat. “I can’t sing.”

“You can’t be that bad.”

“You have to try!”

“Fine.”  I sighed. The music to birthday began to play through the speakers and I sighed as the lyrics were coming up and I began to sing. It was really awkward, and I just wanted to run and hide, I know im not a good singer, well im not like a croaking witch when I sing but I’m not very good. I can’t always get the tune, and I can’t get high notes.

They clapped anyways when I finished and I awkwardly walked off the stage. I didn’t know what to do, so when Arianna stood up and walked to the stage I gladly sat down and brought my knees up to my chest as Ari took the stage and began singing Break Free and everyone watched. Katy stood up suddenly and motioned for me to stand up and she led me out of the room.

“What’s wrong?” She asked.

“I’m a terrible singer compared to all of you. I pretty much embarrassed myself completely up there.” I admitted and she pulled me into a hug.

“You weren’t terrible and you didn’t embarrass yourself, you’re a lot better than a lot of kids your age and you’re just not confident with yourself, that’s why you can’t hit the notes.” She said as she pulled back. I smiled slightly as the other girls came out.

“is everyone okay?” Taylor asked and I nodded.

“Yeah, Brooke is ready for her next surprise.” Katy responded putting her arm around me.

“Another surprise?” I asked.

“Yep!” The girls said and started walking down the next street.

“I’m going to teach you how to sing.” Katy whispered to me, as the girls chattered.

I looked up at her and smiled, she is like the big sister I never had. We turned the next corner and stopped in front a big ice cream parlor. We walked in and there were quite a bit of people in there, it was 2 am, why were everyone up.

“Oh my god!” someone screamed and everyone turned to look at us. Shocked gasps and murmurs erupted throughout the parlor and everyone came up to get autographs from all of them. Some girls gave me envious glares but mostly everyone smiled and said hi to me. After everyone got there autographs the owner came out and took us behind the till and opened up the Sunday bar. The group crowded around us as we began making our Sundays.

“Oooh I want the oreos!” I squealed and some of the fans laughed and I blushed.

“Come and get them!” Katy teased and ran to the other end of the parlor with the jar of oreos. I ran around the counter and ran to corner her, all of the fans were laughing and filming it.

“Here, Brooke Catch!” I heard Angela call from the counter and I turned around. She tossed me a chocolate sauce bottle.

“No, Brooke stop.” Katy warned.

“Here’s some chocolate for the birthday girl.” I said and squeezed the bottle. Chocolate sprayed all over her. She set the jar down on the table and pulled out a bottle from behind her back.

“Wait—“ I said but what cut off.

“Well, seem like it’s just your luck, considering it’s your birthday too.” She said and sprayed the chocolate all over me. Soon the other girls joined in with caramel and whipped cream and it was everyman for themselves. The crowd was laughing so hard and every camera was on us. Arianna slipped and fell, still laughing.

“Dog pile!” I screamed and jumped on her, everyone following behind. I was laughing so hard as everyone climbed off. We all put our arms around each other for a picture from the fans. Katy planted her lips on my chocolate covered cheek.

“I’m sorry sir,” I said as the owner came out and looked at the mess all over. “We can clean it up.”

“Don’t worry about it girls. I got it, go enjoy your birthday sweetheart, and happy birthday to you too Katy Perry.” He said and we smiled. We all thanked him and said goodbye to everyone before we left the parlor. We walked down the streets, probably looking like a group of idiots, covered in chocolate, caramel and whipped cream.

We arrived back at the hotel and the music had stopped, when we got in the remaining people that were left here cleaning up turned and looked at us.

“Had fun I take it?” Katy’s manager asked us and we nodded, heading towards the elevator.

We went up to Katy’s room and she handed us all towels. I called the shower first and I just rinsed off and got the chocolate out of my hair. I got out and wrapped a fluffy white towel around myself. I opened the door a crack and looked out.

“Uhm Katy? I don’t have any clean clothes.”

“Oh uh… Um here!” She said quickly and threw me a little baby blue dress and closed the door again.

Um okay? Why is she acting so weird. I slipped the dress over my underwear and ran my fingers through my hair before leaving the washroom.

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