Brooke is like any normal 13 year old girl, kind of. She's blonde, pretty, and has the bluest eyes you've ever seen. And also, Katy Perry absolutely loves her. They met when she was 5 but the pop sensation never forgot the blue eyes little cutie. 8 years later Brooke gets a special surprise for her birthday, and Katy gets a 13 year old birthday present. These two inseparable "sisters" have to deal with Brooke's new fame and Katy's Prismatic World Tour.


21. Chapter 21

“So what are you going to do with her for your last day here?” Tamra said over the phone.  

“I’m not sure,” I said back, laying back on my bed, waiting for Brooke to come down.

“Well it’s probably going to be amazing, you’re creative and I know she’ll love whatever it is.” Tamra said.

“I can’t even begin to explain what she means to me, you know?” I said softly, picturing the 5 year old girl I met so long ago.

“I know Katy, it’s hard not to see how much you love her. And she loves you just as much.” Tamra said, I heard a soft knock on the door.

“Thanks Tamra, I think Brooke’s here so I’m gonna go, we’ll see you tomorrow at the airport.”

“Alright love, have a good day!”

Brooke opened the door softly walking quietly into my room with a big smile on her face, she was wearing a cute light pink dress that she looked adorable in.


She smiled at me and sat down on my bed. “So what are we doing today?” She asked.

“Well what do you wanna do?” I smiled at her.

Brooke’s POV

“I don’t know?” I answered in more of a question.

“We can do anything you want.” She said as I shuffled more onto the bed.

“Okay well we’ve done beach, amusement park, movies, concert, arcade..” I trailed off naming things off on my fingers.

“Yes, yes we’ve done a lot.” Katy said, deep in thought. “but what haven’t we done?”

“What’s this about?” I asked her, confused about her change of voice.

“I just want to do something fun with you babe.” She smiled and I laid back in her arms, she wrapped them tight around me.

“Kay well, I want to go swimming. But in a big pool? Are there any wave pools around?” I asked.

“Sure!” Katy laughed. “Go get your swimsuit and we can go raise hell at the pool.”

I laughed, crawling out of her arms and racing towards the door. “I’ll be right back.” I called over my shoulder. When I got to my room I quickly stripped and put on my bikini.


“Hey,” Cole knocked on my door. “I’m going to the skate park, you girls have a good day without me.”

I opened the door and smiled at him, “Alright have fun. Love you.” He gave me a big bear hug before throwing me two towels, one for me one for Katy. I ran downstairs and she opened the door right when I got to it, she was in her bikini.


“Oh thank god!” She exclaimed. “I’m all out of towels in my room.”

“Yeah well you can thank Cole for that. And also we have the day to ourselves.” I told her, tossing the towels into the bag she held open for me.

“Sweet, c’mon lets go.” We walked towards the front entrance and hailed a cab outside. “Closest wave pool?” She asked the driver.

“That would be downtown, is that alright Miss Perry?” The cab driver spoke slowly, as if he has a speech impairment. She nodded and I leaned into her. She linked her fingers through mine, holding my hand. Anyone who didn’t know what our relationship was, would think we were a lesbian couple. But since basically everyone knows how we are, we can act however we want. No one cares, especially us. If someone wants to comment on her holding my hand they can. Best friends hold hands all the time.

The cab driver dropped us off in front of the huge arena and she handed him a couple of bills and called over her shoulder as we crawled out; “Keep the change!”

“How much did you give him?” I laughed, racing after her towards the door.

“A hundred I think.” She laughed back, “I like being generous! Come on cutie.” She grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the ticket counter.

“2 general please?” I asked the pudgy brunette at the front counter.

“Sure sweethearts, that will be 20$.” I handed her the money, glaring playfully at Katy when she tried to stop me.

She put the wrist bands on us and directed us towards the woman’s change rooms. Once in there, we pulled off the t-shirts and leggings we had over our swimsuits and walked into the pool area. It was pretty packed, full of teenagers, moms, children, old men. We laughed at the immature whistles from the men. They only saw the back of us, the responses would have been different if they were doing it to our face. The teenage girls started at us as we walked by and smiled back sweetly when we acknowledged them.

“Big slide?” She asked as I looped my arm with hers.

“Big slide.” I agreed with a giggle as we walked towards the short line.

It felt weird, being stared at. I just wanted to scream screw off but at the same time is wasn’t too bad, I mean, they were staring because they loved us. Well some of them loved me, most of them envied me. I lowered my eyes and moved closer to Katy. We were next anyway so when the light turned green we flung ourselves down the slide, trying to get past each other and get to the water first.

She beat me, of course. But it’s alright because I landed right on top of her. I grabbed her hand when I got out of the water and pulled her up with me.

About an hour later we were still having so much fun. I went to the concession to get us some drinks as Katy laid on one of the chairs by the shallow end of the pool. Two girls came and stood behind me although no one said hi. I figured they must just not be Fans of hers. Or maybe just not fans of mine. I waited in the line and I felt someone tap me on the shoulder. I turned around to see the two girls behind me with their hands on their hips and scowls on their faces.

“So you’re Brooke.” Said a tall brunette and I nodded. “Look, I don’t know who you think you are but stop acting like you’re so famous now. Just because Katy Perry thinks you’re interesting does not make you interesting.”

I kind of just stood there. What was I supposed to say to that. Katy told me to just ignore people who were rude to me, so I decided to do just that. I turned around and saw I was next in line. I ordered our drinks and paid before walking quickly back to Katy. I could still feel the two girls shooting daggers at my back with their eyes. I ignored it.  

We went back to the hotel later on and Katy helped me pack. She tried to joke around with me as we packed but I couldn’t laugh or smile. I didn’t want to leave her. I knew from the begging this wasn’t going to last forever. Of course I knew that but I was still sad it was ending. Packing didn’t take long. I had given a lot of my old clothes that I brought with me here.

My mom made me stay in our room for supper while Katy went to meet with management. No one talked much during supper, they all knew I wasn’t in the mood to talk.

Katy’s POV

Tamra was in my room packing my bags when I got down there. She smiled at me as I joined her.

“So how’s Brooke?” She asked as we finished up.

“She barley talked and seemed very upset.”

“I know you don’t want to see her that way but just think of how happy she’ll be when you get on that plane with her tomorrow morning?” Tamra said patting my back.

“Yeah, she’ll be beaming.”

We finished packing after what seemed like hours but was really only 20 minutes. I was exhausted but also extremely excited for tomorrow. Tamra called it a night and caught a cab back to her hotel as I climbed into bed. 

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