Brooke is like any normal 13 year old girl, kind of. She's blonde, pretty, and has the bluest eyes you've ever seen. And also, Katy Perry absolutely loves her. They met when she was 5 but the pop sensation never forgot the blue eyes little cutie. 8 years later Brooke gets a special surprise for her birthday, and Katy gets a 13 year old birthday present. These two inseparable "sisters" have to deal with Brooke's new fame and Katy's Prismatic World Tour.


15. Chapter 15

It was 6:32 when I got into my room and I took my costume out of the bag and turned my hair curler on. I stripped and slipped into the slim cat suit. I clipped on my tail and curled my hair to perfection. I rested my little cat headband on top, careful not to mess up the curles. I turned my music on, and I don't care if I'm friends with her now, I'm still going to listen to constant Katy Perry.

I walked out of the bedroom to my mom and Cole sitting in the living room.

"Mom can you do my make-up for trick or treating?" I asked her and she nodded, standing up and taking me to her bathroom.

"You look cute, you and Katy are going as cats?" She asked me and I nodded, sitting on the stool beside her counter. She rummaged through her make-up and pulled out a black eyeliner. "Look up." She Instructed and I did as I was told as she ran the eyeliner on my water line. She did a line on the top too and made a cute little swirl wing. She put some silver sparkles in both wings and they looked really cute, they made my blue eyes pop. She drew a cute little cat nose on the edge of my nose and streaked a series of whiskers across each cheek. She took out some mascara and made my naturally thick and long eyelashes ever longer and thicker. She handed me a tube of light red sparkley lipgloss and I applied a little bit and rubbed my lips together. I looked in the mirror and my makeup looked really cute.

"Thanks mom" I smiled and she hugged me and spread out my curls a little bit. "Can I have some friends over tonight?" I asked.

"Sure sweety, how many?"

"Well," I said nervously, "seven including Katy."

"You know what, that's fine for tonight." My mom said and cole came to the door.

"Are they the girls from the pool?" He asked and I nodded fixing my lipgloss.

I ran to my room and grabbed my phone, going on to Twitter. I didn't have any of they're numbers so I typed in there user names and posted a tweet

"@BaileyOkay @MadisonLove @JillJJ @JessicaBabe @Sarahkk @EmmaWas can you guys have a sleepover at my place tonight?"

The spam of retweets and favorites and comments blew up on my phone and I waited till I saw one of their usernames. I saw all of them pop up on my screen and each of them giving a thumbs up and I smiled. It was 6:53 when I said bye to my mom and Cole and went down to Katy's room. There was a little girl and her mom in the elevator when I got in.

"Hi cutie." I said to her, "what's your name?"

"Sydney." She said and hid behind her mom.

"That's a pretty name. I'm Brooke." I told her and her mom said hi and smiled at me. "Do you like Katy Perry?" I asked when I noticed her Katy Perry costume. It was so cute.

"Yes!" She squealed and I laughed.

"That's cute! So do I!" I told her. The elevator dinged and we got off and Katy was standing there.

"Oh there you are Brooke, I was just about to come up." She said and I heard the little girl gasp.

"Katy this is Sydney." I told her and Katy knelt down and said hi. Sydney hugged her and it was one of the cutest things I've ever seen.

"I'm sorry cutie but me and Brooke have to go trick or treating, and so do you!" Katy said and Sydney nodded before satin bye and walking away with her mom. "Okay let's go." Katy smiled and I noticed she didn't have her phone. I was a little relieved but didn't say any think as we climbed back into the elevator and went down to the main level. She handed me a pillow case and one of her guards met us at the front doors. "Hello miss Perry, hello Miss Manson." The guard greeted us.

"Hello Jonah." Katy said.

"Hi sir." I said.

Katy looped her arm through mine and walked out the door as Jonah followed us. We walked into the Hotel down the street and went into the elevator. We decided to start on the top floor and work our way down. Jonah pressed the '8' button on the elevator and we started moving up. "Trick or treat!" We yelled as someone opened the door on the first room.

"Well aren't you just the most adorable cats!" She said and let us choose 5 candies each.

We moved to each room down the hall and progressed down the floors. By the time we finished the hotel both of our pillow cases were nearly full. Jonah took them and started walking back to the hotel as another guard met us outside. 

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