Brooke is like any normal 13 year old girl, kind of. She's blonde, pretty, and has the bluest eyes you've ever seen. And also, Katy Perry absolutely loves her. They met when she was 5 but the pop sensation never forgot the blue eyes little cutie. 8 years later Brooke gets a special surprise for her birthday, and Katy gets a 13 year old birthday present. These two inseparable "sisters" have to deal with Brooke's new fame and Katy's Prismatic World Tour.


14. Chapter 14

In the morning I woke up at the same time Katy did. I painted my nails halloweenie while she curled my hair. When she was done, I painted Katy’s nails to match mine.

I ran to my room to get changed before meeting Katy down in the ball room.

I put a little white cardigan on top of my black summery dress and ran down to the Ball room.

“You can choose today.” Katy said and I nodded walking on to the stage.

“Happy Halloween everybody!” I said and they cheered.

“In the beginning, I never thought it would be you.” I said looking at Katy. “And we were chilling, smiling in the photo booth.” I sang and everyone danced and sung along. It was so much fun singing in front of these people.

The other side- Jason Derulo She looks so perfect- 5sos Someone Like you- Adel International Smile- Katy Perry Love somebody- Maroon 5 Pearl- Katy Perry Call me maybe- Carly Rae Jepson Perfect- Pink Don’t forget where you belong- One Direction Glad you came- The wanted

“Thank you guys. Have a great Halloween!” I said and everyone clapped. I jumped off and Katy came up to me. I think that was your best performance yet.” I blushed and we walked out of the Ball room.

“Come on we have to go to my mangers hotel and pick up our custom made costumes.” She said and we walked down the street.

“Do you think Tamra will like me?” I asked nervously and she looked at me and laughed.

“She will love you.” She reassured me and I nodded.


We knocked on the door to her room and she opened it.

“Hey girls your costumes are ready! It’s so nice to meet you Brooke.” She said and pulled me into a hug. I hugged her back before letting go as Katy introduced me to everyone and they all hugged me. Jonny, her designer handed us our costumes and asked if we could change so he could see if they needed any adjustments. I pulled on my full body, black cat outfit.

Katy and I walked out of the next room into the room where everyone was waiting and Jonny worked on me first. He asked me to turn around and jump just to see how it fit.

“Fits perfect.” He told me and I went and sat down beside Tamra while he worked on Katy.

“So, Katy tells me she is working with you for your singing.” Tamra told me.

“Uhm, yeah.” I gulped.

“I’d love to hear you some time.” She said.

“Oh um, I’m not really that good I don’t want to waste your time.” I said nervously.

“Well Katy obviously adores you and says you’re amazing. She has really good judgment.” Tamra told me and I blushed. “I heard you’re quite famous now.”

“Well I don’t know. It will probably die down soon.” I said.

“I heard they are called your Brats.” She said winking. I laughed.

“Yeah, it was Ariana’s idea.” I said and she laughed.

“Figures.” She laughed. “So you’re a huge KatyCat?”

“Yeah,” I said , “And a TamRat.” I said blushing. She smiled.

“Awe that’s sweet.”

Katy walked over to us and pushed me off the chair.

“Wow thanks loser.” I told her and everyone laughed.

“Come here cutie.” She said and tapped her lap. I shuffled my butt on to her lap and everyone kept laughing. “Well I hate to leave so early, but I’m taking Brooke to the Halloween screening of Beetle Juice.”

“You are?” I asked, climbing off her lap.

“Yup, go get dressed.” She said. I ran into the next room and slipped my dress on and folded up the cat costume before putting it in the bag with the other cat accessories. Katy wrapped her arm around my shoulder. I said bye to everyone and Katy led us out the door. 

“So when is the movie?” I asked and she checked her phone.

“4:30, and it’s 3:45 right now.” She said and raised her hand to hail a cab. “By the time we get there we will have just enough time to get our stuff and our seats.” She handed me sunglasses and I put them on before climbing into the big yellow cab. "We need to start trick or treating by 7:00."

"Alright," I said and looked out the window. Katy turned to her phone and started texting away. I looked at my phone and saw I had a couple of texts from Abi. I was so busy with everything I totally forgot to text her back.

'Hey babes, I'm sorry I haven't texted you back. I hope you're having fun. I miss you!'

I texted and I instantly got a reply.

'It's alright babes! I'm soo bored in school! And damn your Twitter is going wild. I can't wait to see you!!:)<3'

I smiled and locked my phone and looked over at Katy. She was still typing away and smiling at her phone. The cab suddenly stopped and Katy got out subconsciously, not looking away from her phone. I rolled my eyes and paid the cab driver before running after her.

We got in line at the ticket stand and Katy paid for the tickets while I ran ahead to get the drinks and popcorn. We walked to the theatre and the guy checked our tickets and handed us both a little Halloween bucket. Right in front of the theatre doors was two huge barrles filled with Halloween candy and a sign above it that said, 'Only One Bucket Per Person Please'. I dipped my Bucket in filling it three quarters of the way and picking out the other candy to put in. I grabbed some of my favourites and some full sized chocolate bar and skittle packets. Katy filled hers and went back to her phone, I led her into the theatre and we sat at the back as the trailers came on. Katy turned her brightness down and continued to text, I didn't bother looking at her screen, I didn't really care that much. I opened a mini pack of fuzzy peaches and popped them all in my mouth. I handed Katy my Areos bar. I really don't like them. She too it and popped it in her mouth, letting the chocolate melt.

The trailers ended and the movie started. I put the popcorn in between us and Katy finally shut off her phone. I noticed a group of boys that were sitting across from us that kept staring at us throughout the movie. When the movie ended everyone got up to leave and the boys, there was 5 of them, (all of them were adorable. And we're all my age I think) came up to us and one of them stood in the front looking nervous.

"Hi," he said.

"Hi!" Me and Katy said in unison.

"We were wondering, Brooke, if you would go out with any of us." The boy asked. I smiled and blushed. I wasn't used to boys ever asking me out. I'm still not used to it.

"Well boys, thanks but I can't. Katy won't let me go on dates because she is my wife and I can't cheat on her." I told them and Katy nodded sternly, wrapping an arm around me.

"I thought she was your 'big sister'" one of the boys in the back said.

"Well," said Katy. "It's complicated."

I nodded and the boys asked for a hug and a picture anyway. I posed with all of them and then with each of them separately. A couple of them kissed me on the cheek for the picture and we said bye before leaving the theatre and hailing a taxi.

Katy went straight back to texting. When we it back to the hotel we went into the elevator and Katy pressed the number for her floor and I pressed the number for mine.

"You're not getting ready with me?" She asked me.

"No I'm going to do my hair and stuff and see my mom first." I told her and got off the elevator. Honestly that's the first thing she's said to me in like 3 hours. 

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