Brooke is like any normal 13 year old girl, kind of. She's blonde, pretty, and has the bluest eyes you've ever seen. And also, Katy Perry absolutely loves her. They met when she was 5 but the pop sensation never forgot the blue eyes little cutie. 8 years later Brooke gets a special surprise for her birthday, and Katy gets a 13 year old birthday present. These two inseparable "sisters" have to deal with Brooke's new fame and Katy's Prismatic World Tour.


13. Chapter 13

“You’re taking me to a club?” I asked her in shock.

“Relax loser, it’s an all ages club, you won’t be the only 13 year old.” She said as we climbed out of the cab. We walked up to the bouncer and he let us in.

Inside, everyone was dancing and talking. The music was blasting and Katy dragged my into the middle of the dance floor. We were dancing and laughing and having a lot of fun when This Is How We Do came on. I burst out laughing as the spot light suddenly landed on us. Everyone turned to look at us.

“Sing sing sing sing sing!” They chanted and Katy laughed and picked up the lyrics.

“It’s no big deal, This is no big deal!” She nodded at me and I joined in with the chorus.

“This is how we do, yeah, chilling laid back straight stuntin’ yeah we do it like that. This is how we do, do do do do, this is how we do!” We sang, and when the song ended everyone went back to their own little groups and Katy and I went to go sit down at the “Bar” It sold alcohol and pop. “Can I get 2 pepsi’s, one for me and one for the pretty girl.” Someone said from beside me. I looked over to see a guy who looked like he was in his twenties smirking down at me. I made a disgusted noise and moved away.

“Hit on someone not half your age,” Katy called over her shoulder as we moved to the other side. I ordered a root beer and I looked around the club. There were a few other kids my age, a couple that looked even younger, but most of them were teenagers or adults. We went and danced some more and a couple other people danced with us at some point.

“Those boys are looking at me.” Katy told me and I looked over, there was a group of about 5 cute boys probably like 14. I shrugged and turned around again. “Not interested?”

“Nah not really, I came here to hang out with you. Plus they seem like players.” I told her and she nodded grabbing my hand as we danced the night away. Around 9:30 Ariana and Angela and Katy’s best friend Shannon showed up and I introduced myself to Shannon and the other girls hugged me. We all danced in our own little circle and it seemed like I was the center of attention, everyone taking turns dancing with me.

“I never thought I’d be actually having a genuinely good time with someone your age.” Ariana said.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I mean, you’re so much fun to the hang out with and I don’t feel like I have to be that careful around you because you don’t come off as a kid to me. You just light up the room and I think I speak for everyone when I say, things are more boring without you.” She said and I blushed, the other girls nodded.

“Well thank you then, I just feel like I fit in here.” I said and the smiled. Katy wrapped her arms around me from behind and I laughed. “Like I’m the little sister that the older sister’s friends actually want to hang around.”

“Actually you’re more like the  mini leader that everyone loves.” Katy said.

“Shhhh. I’m just Brooke.” I said.

They laughed and swarmed around me, I guess I was okay with being a leader, I liked being liked, but I also liked making these girls happy. I liked making everyone happy, so when a group of girls my age came up to me and asked for a picture, I happily obliged. The girls took each of their phones and took pictures for us. They ran away smiling and I couldn’t help but blush.

“Looks like you’ve got your own group of fans now. What should we call them?” Katy said. “I’ve got my Katykats, and Ari has her Arianators. Yours should be called, B babes.”

“Or they should be called B squad.” Said Shannon.

“Or Brookebears.” Said Angela.

“Or B Brats.” Ari joked.

“Well I actually like Ari’s idea, I like B squad though but I just don’t think it would sound right.” I said nervously. “Like you could say, ‘I’m the number one brat but saying you’re the ‘number one B squad’ doesn’t really work. My fans could be in a B squad but they can be my brats.”

“B’s brats it is then.” Katy said and I smiled. I had my own group of fans, that is so cool.

“They aren’t fans though, they are friends.” I said and they nodded.

“I’m the number one brat then.” Katy said and I agreed. It was around midnight when we decided to go home and Katy and I took the cab back to our hotel. In the cab I took out my phone and went on twitter.

Alright my loves, we’ve chosen a name, and you guys can officially call yourself, ‘B’s Brats’ xox <3

I posted the tweet and when the comments rolled in, everyone loved the idea. We got out at the hotel and went up to Katy’s room.

“Tired yet?” She asked and I shook my head. “Me either, wanna do something?”

“let’s go to the pool?” I asked and she nodded, she tossed me my now dry bikini from the first time we went swimming and I walked into the bathroom and slipped it on. I brushed out my hair and let it cascade down my back. I took a pad of make-up remover from the counter and wiped away all the eyeliner. It came off easier than I expected. I walked out of the bathroom and tossed Katy a towel. We went down to the pool and set our towels on the chairs before sliding into the shallow end.

“Want to play marco polo?” I asked.

“We can’t play with 2 people.” She responded and I had an idea suddenly.

“Stay here I’ll be right back.” I said and ran out of the pool room. I remember bailey told me her room number and I really hope it isn’t too late. I knocked on her door and her mom answered the door.

“Hello.” She said smiling.

“Hi ma’am, is bailey still awake?” I asked.

“Bailey!” Her mom called and Bailey came into view and her friends were behind her.

“Brooke!” They called and ran towards the door.

“Oh you’re the new Brooke manson these girls keep talking about.” She said and I blushed, nodding.

“I was wondering if the girls could come down to the pool with me and Katy, we wanted to play some games and we can’t with only two people.” I said politely and Baileys mom nodded. The girls pulled me into the room and ran to baileys room. They all put on their bikinis before we went back down to the pool.


Katy’s P.O.V

Brooke ran out of the pool room and I was left alone. I climbed out and sat in the hot tub, waiting for her to come back. I was so proud of how she was taking the new fame, she wasn’t letting it all go to her head and she was being so sweet to everyone. When she starts to get more famous, which she will, she’s going to be adored by the world. I just hope she always stays true to herself.


Brooke’s P.O.V

“So how does it feel having everyone know who you are?” A pretty blonde named Madison asked.

“It’s unreal, I’m not used to people noticing me.” I said and they all laughed.

“Yeah but you’re like totally gorgeous.” One of the girls named Jessica said. I laughed.

“So are all of you.” I said and they giggled.

“You’re really cool you know?” Bailey said as we reached the pool. I winked and laughed.

“Yup I know.” We entered the pool room and Katy climbed out of the hot tub.

“Cool now we can play.” She said and jumped in the pool, I jumped in after her and everyone else followed.

“I’ll be it for marco polo.” I said and closed my eyes and counted to 10 so they could get away. “Marco!”

“Polo” they all called back and I moved toward the voices.


“Polo!” they all said and I reached out and tapped someone, opening my eyes. I had caught Jessica and she moved to the side laughing. I closed my eyes and called marco. I had caught nearly all of them within 5 minutes and there was only one left, Madison.

“Marco!” I yelled

“Polo!” She squeaked and I swam as fast as I could and tackled her. I opened my eyes and everyone jumped into the water and chased after me. I screamed and swam as fast as I could. I hopped up on the huge water slide and climbed as fast as I could. I heard them running up the stairs so I slid back down. But I slid right into a pile of my friends. We climbed out of the pool and sat in the hot tub.

“So what are you guys doing for Halloween tomorrow?” Bailey asked me and Katy. I shrugged and looked at Katy. I totally forgot about Halloween.

“I don’t even have a costume.” I said.

“We are going as Cats.” Katy told me and the girls.


“I can imagine you guys would have the best costumes ever.” Jessica said. I laughed and so did Katy.

“What are you guys doing?” I asked them.

“Going trick or treating duh.” Bailey said and I nodded.

“Are we going trick or treating?” I asked Katy and she nodded.

“Yeah we are going to raid all the hotels in this part of town, with is seven.” She said. There will probably be so much candy by the end of the night. “It’s going to be a lot of candy, every time we finish a hotel one of my assistance will take our candy to my room. We are going to have at least 5 pillowcases each.”

“Whoa, that’s a lot of candy.” I said.

“Well knowing you, you’ll probably finish it all before Christmas.” Katy said and everyone laughed.

“Yeah and you’ll probably finish it before midnight.” I said and she nudged me playfully.

We all hung out in the hot tub for at least 10 more minutes before Katy and I decided to go to bed. I changed into the pj’s I had left in her room and crawled into the bed. She tossed me a Reece’s bar and I ate before falling asleep.

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