The Story of Us

So I guess I'm one of the lucky ones that all her dreams came true and that the one guy that you though was impossible to be with turns out to be the love of your life. But what if that one guy that can build you up so high turns out to be the only one that can tear you down just as fast? What is everything that you've strived for and everything that you thought was perfect turns out be a lie and he turns out to be a monster? What if your life was put on the line to save something that wasn't real and your whole life comes crashing down? Who would be the one to stop you from making a mistake and what will he mean to you? This is my story a story about faith, emotion, romance, death, and love. Who will I become or what will become of me by the end?


1. Intro.


    So first off I guess that I should introduce myself. My name is Paris Jenkins anyway let get back to what i'm here to tell you. Most Stories start out something like this. It was a very beautiful day when I first met him his eyes were shinning in the sun light and when he looked into my eyes we knew we were meant to be. It was love at first sight.

    Well you know what that is completely and otter bullshit. None of that shit is real and and I'm here to tell you my story the truth behind everything that has happened to this day, everything else you've heard out there is a lie. So here goes nothing. 


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