Harry Styles sister


1. "I'm kicking you out"

"Nicole Renee Styles get your but down here" mum screamed.

Yes I know Styles is my last and yes I am related to Harry Styles from One Direction... But anyways..

Hi I'm Nicole Styles I have blue eyes and my original hair color is black but right now it's blue with red streaks..

"Coming mum" I yelled back...

"Why did the school just call and say you haven't been there for a week?" She said. Oh crap.. "That's the second time in a month Nicole"

"Uh..I'm sorry.." I said. She glared at me. Shit..

"That leaves me no choice Nicole I'm kicking you out you can go live somewhere else." She told me.

"What?!?!" I screamed. Omg I can't move out I have no where else to go..

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