Kidnapped By One Direction

Kidnapped by One Direction


1. Chapter 1

One day I was walking home from school.So then all of a sudden I hear footsteps behind me everywhere I went so I started walking faster and faster then I look back again and the guy is running after me.So I started running and I turned Into something that was a valley,but it wasn't a valley it was closed and their was a brick wall.I noticed that there wasn't just one guy it was 3 guys.So then all three if them came into the valley and then they were going to grab me but the first one that came to me I kicked in the boys center.Then he was just on the ground hurting then the other one came to me I kicked him in the stomach, then the last one came to me and I kicked him in the face.Then I was about to escape but a van blocked the opening so there were to guys I was about to punch them but they both got me and put me in the van and waited for the other 3 boys to go inside the van.(I'm pretty sure you know who those boys are by now).Then they got me in the van and they knocked me out (not hitting me but just opening the van door on me).

Dunn Dunn dunnn What happens next read the next chapter to find out.

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