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2. Kiba x Reader

Kiba x Reader

You hated the smirk on everyone's faces when they talked about you. A smirk that said something about you. You were something to scoff at, someone to laugh at, someone to tease.

You hated when they would laugh at you, and make fun of you.

It wasn't teasing, no it was bullying. No one would stand up for.

People at Konoha when you lived with your mother never did this, and that' sphere you were heading. You were leaving everyone you once knew behind, hoping for a better life at the village hidden in the leaves.

You never seen your mother in a very long time, but she had written you a letter, one that stated she was able to take care of you, and your father has agreed to let you leave the village hidden in the mist.

Your father. The only person who you would miss here at this village. He was your father, and he was a good father. You mother was just as swell, but when they split up, you went with your father as you mother did not have a stable job.

But all that doesn't matter know, you saw the big gates, notifying you that you reached your destination.

You are at the place you will someday accustomed of calling home. A smile came to your face. It couldn't be a more perfect day.

The weather was sunny and it was warm. The air smelled of something wonderful, but you couldn't put your finger on it.

The gates were opened, and you saw kids laughing and running around. It was very pleasant.

"Come on Akamaru, we better go before Shino sends him bugs after us," You heard a voice say, then suddenly, you was on the group as you was knocked into roughly.

"That' swag I get for not paying attention," you thought to yourself. You reached out and were on your feet in no time, thanks to your ninja abilities.

"I'm sorry, I guess Akamoru really hates Shino's bugs, and I realize you have no idea who I am talking about, er, hi I'm Kiba," you looked up after dusting yourself off to see a boy with shaggish dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes that looked really sincere.

"It's okay, my name is (y/n)," you said, nodding and smiling.

"Are you visiting someone? I don't think I have seen you before, oh um sorry for being noisy, I just was curious," you laughed at his words, taking in that he was good with friends more than strangers. He was also straight forward.

"Not a problem Kiba, you see, I am living with my mother now in Konoha," you gave a short explanation in which he nodded.

"I wonder what group you will be placed in," you shrugged his shoulders. You began to like his straight forward ness, as it reminded you a lot of how your father acted, and how you did too.

"Well, it was nice meeting you (y/n)," his eyes seem to light up when he was talking. I heard buzzing suddenly, and I saw Kiba's eyes seem to be alert and watching everyone. His dog, which was huge, Akakmaru, was crying and trying to pull Kiba along with him. In return Kiba laughed.

"Woah Akamaru, I'm sure Shino won't be too mad," he turned to you, "(y/n) uhh, maybe we can hang out later, like as in a date?" He were caught of guard with his question, but smiled warmly.

"Sure," you agreed quickly, your eagerness made him laugh and you blushed.

"I'm just as excited, meet me back here around 7pm, that way you can get around town a little and get to know the place first, I can always give you a tour," he told you with a warm smile and a wink. You blushed and looked to the ground.

You said goodbyes for now, and headed on.

You couldn't wait for your date tonight with Kiba. You knew that this was going to be the start of something amazing.

You smiled as you walked towards you mother's house.

"Everything is pleasant here in konoha, and I have a date with Kiba," you thought excitedly.


And now you can fantasize about your date with Kiba.

Have fun and use protection.


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