Anime Oneshots

A book full of anime Oneshots


1. Death The Kid x Reader

So, I'll be making random OneShots, with random characters from random animes. You may know the character, you may not know the character, so... Yea.

The first one, Death The Kid


You sigh as you looked up towards the DWMA school. You have always liked the school, but unlike Death the Kid, or Kid as you and the rest of the Eat class calls him, you never liked it for its perfect symmetry.

Before, you have always liked it because it was the same school that your boyfriend went. Well, ex-boyfriend now, as he rudely dumped you.

You scowled, mad at yourself as you promised not to think of it. He was the first person here that was your friend, but left as son as he- you scowled once more.

You climbed the last few steps, looking around to see if anyone had noticed your unneeded pause at the top of the steps as you gazed and thought.

When you saw no one, you smiled to yourself and continued walking.

Then you realized something important. No one was around, usually at this time there are students bustling around the school, talking and laughing.

You checked your watch, it was passed 9 telling you that you missed first class and now it is already second class.

It was stein's class right now.

You thought it wouldn't be that bad if you were to skip this class as well.

"Were soo late," you heard a familiar cheery voice. You turned and saw Patti, swinging her arms and skipping up the stairs. "Hey (y/n)!" You heard her shout from the middle of the steps, a huge smile on her face as she giggled. You couldn't help but to smile along, her happiness contagious.

"Patti wait up!" You heard her older sister tell Patti, she and kid still near the bottom of the steps.

Patti laughed, and so did you, Liz always grumpy in the mornings. You watch Kid as her was looking up at you and Patti scowling.

You pondered for a second what was wrong with him, but then let out a laugh at his obsession.

I mean, you were in the way of the school, and the steps, that from the bottom where Kid was, would I fact be symmetrical, if you and Patti was not standing on them.

"What's so funny (y/n)," Patti asked. You pointed to Kid, and she laughed as well. Well, she provably doesn't get it, but she' since enough to laugh. She probably is laughing at Kid's angry expression.

"You are ruining the symmetry of my father's school!" He shouted, unable to contain his anger towards unsymmetrical things.

You laughed.

When Kid was around, your mood was always lighter, and happier. When you had your boyfriend you ignored it, but now, you let your mind wonder about kid. His obsession for symmetry, his three stripes in his hair, his golden eyes, his reaper self, everything about Jim made you smile.

You knew you liked him, now your feelings for him don't have to be controlled because you don't have a boyfriend.

"Why so happy (y/n)," you heard Liz asked, actually smiling. You turned and noticed you have been standing in the same spot thinking, and now Patti, Liz and Kid were all around.

You would have blushed, embarrassed that you were caught daydreaming, but the blush didn't come and you felt a wave of confidence when Kid stared at you, smiling with a confused glint in his eyes. You decided to be straight forward instead of waiting forever to do something about your attraction to Kid.

"Kid, I know I just got out of a relationship, but I think I like you," confidence some what gone, you didn't wait for an answer as you walked away, not noticing the slight blush and shocked expression coming to Kid's face.

Through out the day, you glanced at Kid, instead of ignoring him all day because you found when girls did that, it confused the boy even more. So instead, you watched him, and smiled at him when he caught you staring.

You watched as he would quickly look away, and his cheeks would turn red.

When he did this, you would smile.

It was after school when something happened.

You walked down the steps hoping that tomorrow would bring something exciting, maybe a cool mission for souls, or something funny would happen in school.

"(Y/N)!" You turned to look behind you, hearing Kid's voice. You jumped as he was suddenly behind you, a skateboard disappearing into his hand.

You rolled your eyes, his reaper side fave him fancy tools and cool abilities. Before you could say anything, you felt a pair of lips on your mouth, and your eyes widened.

You stared at Kid's closed eyes before you melted into his kiss. You wrapped your arms around Kids neck, and deepened the kiss.

He pulled back for air, and leaned his forehead against your own.

"You didn't give me time to answer, I like you too," you smiled as he said these words.

"Will you, a perfectly symmetrical (y/n), and also beautiful, please be my girlfriend, I promise you you won't regret-" you stopped his nervous rambling with a kiss.

"Of course I'll be your girlfriend Kid," he smiled a great big smile, his golden eyes sparkling, and then he kissed you.

When there is and end, there is always a beginning.


There you go. When I wrote this, I felt like I was in the bushes so swerve, with a notepad, just writing down everything you did and stuff, I am like your own personal stalker xD

Have a good day ^-^

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