The Style's


10. the talk

"Okay" I say as he walks into the house. He actually didn't give me some dumbass attitude. "Let's go upstairs and we both walk up to my room.


"Well love"

"Don't call me love!"


"Um I just wanted to say that I didn't mean to have you know, s-sex"

"It's okay Lou it was a mistake , right"


Wait did I just ask him if he wanted to fuck me. Oh my god why do I keep doing this.


"Oh sorry"

"I hope we can still me friends love"

"I mean Dana"

"Ok well I guess you'll be leaving"?

"Ya bye"

And then he walked down the stairs and left. During that whole time I couldn't help but stare at those beautiful sea blue eyes. And yes I admit I was in love with Louis. Shit.

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