The Style's


4. the party part one

I walk up the stairs and turn right to my room, the biggest one in the house. It's teal walls compliment my black and white bed along with a huge white walking closet. As I'm lost in my thoughts, Jane walks in with a smirk on her face.

" Dreaming about your brothers best friend "? "Shut up and get dressed" I say as my face flushes was I thinking about him? No he is a asshole how could anyone like him, well he's one of the most attractive and popular guys in school s- wait it did it again uhhhh.

I dig through my closet and find my ripped skinny jeans and cropped tank and some higheels. Jane puts on her little black dress that ends a the half point of her thigh with some black wedges . As she does her makeup in the bathroom I yell "I'm gonna wait until the party gets kicked in"! "Okay" she says and walks down the stairs.

As I do some touch ups on my makeup I hear people dancing to "Boom Boom Pow" by the Black Eye Peas which is one of my favorite songs so I hurry up and head down the stairs.


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