The Style's


5. the party part 2

I get downstairs and I go a get some beer out of the fridge and headed towards the dance floor. 15 minutes later I'm drunk as shit . Then I start to feel hands on my waist but I'm too drunk to care at that moment I didn't realize that Louis and me were grinding.

I start to get giggly as he taps my ass. Then I grabbed his hand and he follows me to the bathroom. I moan as he pushes me against the wall and that's when he took off my shirt. As he starts to make his way down to kiss my neck. I reach for his zipper and that's when he says "wow Dana that's too far" and he pushes my hand away then louis takes off my jeans instead and now I'm half naked.

He grabs my hand and pulls me to my bedroom. ----

"BEEP BEEP" is the sound I wake up in the morning the next day. "Uhhh" as I go to turn it off my leg hits something, I look and that's when I stared because I saw LOUIS, louis next to me naked and I realize I'm naked as well. WE HAD SEX!!!! As I'm about to throw up in my mouth I push him off the bed.

"WHAT THE FUCK" he screams as I'm already out of bed. I can't believe I had sex with Louis Tomlinson.

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