The Style's


6. that day , that night

" GET OUT OF MY ROOM" I scream back to him while I finish my makeup. " You were the one who wanted to have sex" Louis says as he puts on his clothes . At that moment I pause, Did I want to have sex with him? Wait no he was the one who started to grind on a drunk girl (me) I can't believe he's blaming me for his mistake. "Well bye" he says Ashe exists my room with a sad look on his face.


"So did you have sex with him" Maddie , another one of my best friends ask cause I called her and told her me and Louis were grinding last night at the party. "Umm well , y-yes" I stutter with my words scared of her reply. ............... "OMG , you slut" she screams. " He was the one he pulled me to my bedroom"!! and then the call need by her. In my head I think -what a bitch- but really I agree with her, sluts have sex when they get drunk. I can't believe I lost my virginity to him ewwww!!


" Night Hazza" I yell to my brother that night as I get cozy in my black and whit bed. "Night DD" he replays as he calls me by his nickname and I think I forgot to mention that both of my parents are dead so It kinda makes that hard to live with two people and only 1,000 dollars left in our account, which we mostly spent on clothes when we went out with our friends. I wish my parents were still alive.

I get tired from my thoughts and go to sleep.

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