The Style's


2. Summer

"Harry get your lazy ass up and help me get these groceries!". I couldn't believe he stayed home all day and sat on the couch with Louis and play his dumb ass play station while me and my best friend jane carried them in.

"Shut up lil' sis" he replied to me, Jane walked in and approach me with that horny look on her face. " What a hotty, I wish he was my boyfriend"

" Jane your so immature c'mon he's such a dick " I can't believe that she likes him along with every girl in our grade he can't be attractive he's a little ego freak.

" Hey Dana" says louis as he approaches me to get to the fridge. "What do you want" "Your body" he says in his stupid girl lecture voice. "Shut the fuck up Lou" I can't stand him , Harry and him get every girl and they get all over them,their stupid fucking players.

*Louis leaves the room* "He was TOTALLY checking you " I know, what a player" it's the end of the summer and I'm still stuck with Louis and Harry I should be out with my friends parting, but instead I'm stuck with doing all the god damn chores why can't Harry do something for once? Ugh my life sucks.

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