The Style's


9. school and a chat

"Hey kiddo" my brothers says as I sit down at our table ( A.K.A. Most popular kids table) "Don't call me kiddo" i spit at him. "Hey, I was just trying to be nice" and he spreads a smirk on his face. He treats me like I'm four. "Hey love" Louis says to me I'm that voice, I hat that voice.

"Hey Dana" jane says, she really nice I wish my other friends were as nice as her. "Hey" Nikki and perrie say like two peas in a pod. We called them twins even though perrie had blue eyes and blonde hair that's wavy and Nikki has ginger hair that's really really curly with hazel eyes they are both really pretty. "Hey" I reply to them.


I finish my homework, which was a lot like seven pages. Harry does his homework in class and he's a straight A student (which is surprising). I wish my parents were here. I miss them. Then the doorbell rings. "I'll get it" I yell as I approach the door. "Hey love" a familiar voice says.Louis. "Look we need to talk about the party.

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