The Style's


7. beginning of the beginning

BEEP BEEP goes my alarm the next morning. It was the first day of junior year for me and senior year for Harry. I get and hop in the shower, and the warm water droplets relax me for the new day. "Harry can u get me a towel" I tell to him even though he's probably not up. " What's the magic word" he says in a childish voice and yet also annoying, "Please" and then he brings me a blue towel. ----------

"What's the answer to #4" my math teacher says to me while I'm in class. "5,202,000" I answer and get it correct. My schedule this year sucked it was ...

Home room

1: LA

2: Math


4: Art

5: Health

6: Lunch (for everyone)

7: Science

8: Advanced Math

9: History

10: Social Studies

11: Homeroom

We had to go back to Homeroom because it was the first day. Then the bell rang and it was 3rd period.

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